Monday, December 05, 2011

Butkus makes personal delivery to Kuechly

It's not every day that a Trophy's namesake flies to Needham to attend a team banquet, but that's what happened Sunday. In an unusual and surprise move Dick Butkus handed Luke Kuechly the 2011 Dick Butkus Award for being the nation's best college linebacker. It is an individual award and certainly doesn't replace a bowl trip, but I think it was a nice way for the team to end its season.

Other players recognized with individual honors included Ryan Quigley, Chris Pantale, Mark Spinney, Max Holloway, Lars Anderson, Will Thompson, Donnie Fletcher, Nick Lifka and Zach Wolfe.


Brett said...

This is AWESOME!

neenan said...

great job, LK!

Any one from BC ever won this award before?

(p.s., I think Butkus can still kick butt, including Luke's)

eagleboston said...

Luke is the best linebacker in BC history! And there have been some greats - Cronan,Romonowski,Boyd, DeOssie, Dunbar, Herzlich, and I'm sure I am forgetting others. But, Luke is the all-time best! Congratulations and thanks for making us proud!

JBQ said...

Cool Hand Luke!