Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dawson done: surprising first staff change

Most of BC observers have anticipated a staff shakeup. A 4-8 season merits one. However, I was somewhat surprised that Mike Dawson was the first assistant to go. BC said he is leaving on his own and pursuing opportunities outside of football. I've been known to shoot down BC press releases before, but I actually believe this for a moment. Being an assistant can be a tough game. Dawson was probably doing well financially at BC, but he is only one staff shakeup away from being a MAC or FBS assistant again. Regardless of where you coach, the hours are long and the season can be a real grind. And there is always recruiting. Some guys get off on hitting the road to find the next star. Others hate trying to sell to 17-year-olds. So until he pops up at another college program, I am going to take BC and Dawson at his word that he is leaving college football.

As for what it means to BC, the timing isn't great. While not an ace recruiter, Dawson was still the lead guy on some key prospects. I think our Special Teams were pretty good, but we weren't doing anything that was not replaceable. Dawson also helped out with Defensive Line. It will be interesting if that area is addressed when we bring in a replacement.

Spaz now has nine staffers officially. He has to bring in one more. We know he's interviewed multiple Offensive Coordinator candidates. Given the last line of the press release ("Spaziani said he would make further announcements about his staff in the near future."), I think we will see more than just a new OC.


mod34b said...

Spaz's major card to play now is dumping assistants and hiring new ones.

If the new ones work out -- great

If the new ones do not work out -- he tried and has an excuse

But I am glad to see changes. Something ain't working!

Lenny Sienko said...
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Lenny Sienko said...

It begins...The driver of the sleigh throws the first of the passengers overboard to slow the pursuing wolves.

B1st Asst thrown to Wolves

eagle1331 said...

From BC: Doug Martin, head coach and OC at Kent State (2004-10) and OC/QB coach at New Mexico St. (2011), is BC's new Offensive Coordinator/QB coach.

What does all this mean? No matter what, spaz will be coach in 2013. They're just feeding him more and more excuses. I really hate this program right now. It's truly unbelievable what GDF and Spaz have done to my spirit, which was once over-the-top obsessive about BC sports.

blist said...

Seriously? NM St won 4 games all against god-awful programs, like Minnesota, NM, Idaho and Fresno. Are they kidding?

AlbanyEagle said...

Love the post, Lenny:

"It begins...The driver of the sleigh throws the first of the passengers overboard to slow the pursuing wolves."

Hilarious by itself, let alone the attached image. Great last minute entrant for best post of the year.

Merry Christmas to all!

EL MIZ said...

did BC honestly just hire the offensive coordinator from new mexico state? new mexico state, a team that averaged 24.5 ppg last yr, good for 6th out of 8 teams in the WAC?????? please tell me this is a joke.

hsk said...

not a joke, but at least you can finally understand why we played Kent State as often as we did... read the announcement on bceagle., you would think we just hired the second coming... wow are we in trouble.

EagleManhattan said...

But I thought that we were SO lucky to have this coaching staff willing to stick with us and not get poached by better schools? At least that's what EagleAction has been telling me for the past few years.