Friday, December 30, 2011

Hockey loses, Hoops loses and other links

Hockey returned to action after their long break. Unfortunately they began the new portion of their schedule they way they ended things prior to the break: with a loss. Thursday's disappointment came with a 4-2 loss to Michigan in the Great Lakes Invitational. The have a chance to redeem themselves in the consultation game against Michigan Tech.

I had a lot of optimism about the basketball team taking on Harvard. It wasn't to be as they lost 67-46. The big concern was the inability to score in the second half.

Blauds comes out with a defense of the talent that left the program during the Donahue-Skinner change. I loved Al but I am not going to kill Donahue for running these guys off and/or not doing more to keep them. As painful as this season is, Donahue's legacy will be about what he does with his own players.

BC recruiting target Jamil Pollard recommited to Penn State. I know Spaz didn't want to take advantage of his alma mater's downtime, but I wish we had exploited their issues a bit more. It is disappointing that we lost a kid to a school in the middle of a scandal and without a head coach.

It looks like former BC Defensive Coordinator Phil Elmassian will take the same role at UMass.

As I tweeted, the New Yorker wrote an article on Don Bosco. It is an interesting read considering all the BC-Bosco connections over the years.


Erik said...

From the Basketball game:
- Very full crowd, which was the first time since probably UNC last year, but it was a quiet crowd for both schools. Maybe some day we'll get a full crowd + full student section.
- Harvard dressed NINETEEN (19!) guys. There's gotta be a rule stating a limit, or at least a theoretical limit.
- We started great, then we stopped scoring. Harvard started slow the picked it up. When it was going well for us we played average defense and grabbed defensive rebounds, but really we didn't play good D at any point and getting out early was based on Harvard being cold. I think we went from up 20-11 to down 22-30 in a real quick spurt.
- It's funny how any given game, any of the players can do nothing and the next game they can be good. This time Lonnie Jackson and Ryan Anderson did very little, Humphrey had the ball a lot but threw up plenty of misses. Next game any of them might drop 20+ and Clifford might disappear.
- Seeing Harvard in person showed me that we really need some big time 3-point shooters. Everyone has them, and we need to keep up.
- And finally, Vinny kept putting his parents up on the Video Board with a Happy Anniversary message. Was pretty funny. I assume there weren't too many other people in Conte who know who Vinny is.

mod10aeagle said...

Shouldn't Blauds provide some analysis regarding the former BC players who are now contributing to far more successful programs, rather than just regurgitate the stats that any idiot can find on the web? A credentialed reporter has access to people and resources we don't; I don't get why Blauds never applies any critical thinking to his coverage. Has Blauds asked Donahue whether he tried to keep any of these guys? Have any of these players ever said publicly why they chose (or were asked) to leave BC? I'm not interested in chastising Donahue for whatever happened, I would just like to know.

blist said...

Spaz didn't want to take advantage of the mess at Penn St? This guy has no will to win at all, does he?

EagleManhattan said...

The silver lining in the basketball loss:

Vinny and his parents are all currently alive.

mod34b said...


"I don't get why Blauds never applies any critical thinking to his coverage"


haven't you figured out yet that Blauds is a zero, a hack.

mmason said...

On "2011 can't end soon enough."
or..."Let's get real."

We played 8 football teams this year that made it to bowl games...and it would have been 9 if Miami wasn't "suffering from abundance" so to speak. Who knows what that means, right?

Our hoops guys are 5-8, with "big wins" over Bryant and Sacred Heart...and we lost Coach Joe Jones (the asst. coach & recruiter who took the HC job at BU & is now 4-10. Nice guy, tho. Wonder what his excuses are? BC Kharma? Not his team yet? Skinner's Curse?)

WTW? Is everybody on this blog going to finish the year with just one more collective collossal Whine for Auld Lang Syne? Whatcha got, mod34?...anybody?

Here's mine:

Frankly, the dilemma of the BC athletic year gone wrong might be a result of the cultural duality of the complex vs. the simple, the Sacred clashing with the Profane, or the swing of the pendulum, or really inept admin management strategy, or poor coaching, or lack of vision at The Top, or The Great Chain of Being gone awry, or crappy alumni support, the Euro, a DNA mutation, hubris, the Black Hand or Instant Kharma...bad fish, Loss of TOB, something in the water, cell phones, recruiting, ESPN Boston, negative vibes from ATL & Fans, the glass ceiling, ACC refs, AT&T, the irony of unfulfillment, a disturbance in The Force, my putter, Jessie Palmer &/or Dick Vitale? or the Tea Party? or Satan? or the Economy?

One thing for certain: However much the 2011 season sucked, it also gave us some great moments, (Keuchly,any BC TD, the Hockey Team, Women's field hockey & hoops, Quigley's punts, Community Service at BC, a top 10 in the nation for BC admissions selectivity, Jerry York, (add yours here) and we'll always have Herzy & Matty Ice & Flutie, and Fr.Francis Sweeney,S.J.,... and Chestnut Hill & those 156 Jesuits, and then there's Hope,(despite what Ben Franklin said.)and all those current BC kids on campus.
Homer was right--Ever to Excel! Go Eagles!

Thanks, Bill.

Ob la di, ob la da...
Happy New Year, Eagle Nation.