Saturday, December 31, 2011

Predictions for 2012

I've seen this in other places, so I thought I would do a BC-sportscentric one as 2011 comes to a close. This is not a wish list. Just some hunches I have...

BC will be bowl eligible in 2012. We underachieved in 2011 and have plenty of talent returning. I like the change in Doug Martin. But I don't think 2012 will be much fun. I still expect Spaz to blow some games for us.

Gene Defilippo will announce his "retirement" in 2012. Gene has pissed off plenty of people lately. I think there is a chance that the powers that be will let him know that the 2012-2013 school year will be his last.

BC will win at least one game in the ACC Men's basketball tournament. The Harvard game should have been a wake up call for me, but I am still drinking the Donahue koolaid. I think we will get better in ACC play and pull off an upset in Day 1 of the ACC Tournament.

BC will make it to another Frozen Four. It doesn't feel like it right now, but does anyone doubt Jerry York's ability to peak at the right time?

Sylvia Crawley will be fired after the 2011-2012 season. I know she has a young team too and has had success so far at BC, but I just think there are enough things in play that BC might make a change.

Frank Spaziani will not be fired. I think being bowl-eligible and my predicted change in the AD spot will save Spaz. If BC does change AD, it is probably better that the new AD decided Spaz's fate in 2013.


JBQ said...

There are 35 bowl games with 70 teams and BC is "on vacation". Now is not the time to let up in striving to "excel". Big Jack Krack needs to be "put in the game" and "to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield (Ulysses)". WPL with respect needs to be told of the unhappiness in the locker room with the twelfth man ready to go. "Ever to Excel" means just that and "take no prisoners".

Erik said...

Prediction: spread of UNC BC on Jan 7 is UNC -40 or worse. Possibly off the board.

Tim said...

What success has Crawley had? This year's team is 4-8 so far. Last year, we went 5-9 in the ACC. Year before that, 6-8 in the ACC. Our women's program has been a joke since Inglese left. Another great personnel move by GDF.

John said...

The ACC is putrid in bowl games.

If I'm a Georgia Tech fan, I'd be beside myself with disgust over Paul Johnson. That team showed no guts at all coming down the stretch.

VT will lose to Michigan and the kicker will come when WVU passes its way to victory over Clemson.

2 wins, 6 losses in bowl games. Where does this leave BC?

mod34b said...

Prediction: ATL gives up blogging and takes job working as press information guy for GDF where he continues to artfully spin nonsense about why Spaz should be retained.

Prediction: Big Jack Krack become new AD and insists of being called Coach Krack

Prediction: Coaches Day and Devine find success and happiness by following Coach Dawson's lead and, now realizing they have no clue how to coach, leave coaching. They open the Triple D men's club and make a fortune

Prediction: It is revealed that "JBQ" is present BC Sports information director Jack Dunn. He s promptly fired.

Prediction: janebc is a big fan of ee cummings

Prediction: Claver turns out to be a BC insider - he is a BC maintenance guy who regularly gets a free lunch from Spaz

Prediction El Miz turns out to be a pseudonym for "the miserable" Mark Blauds.

Prediction: DixieEagle is actually Big Jack's wife .

Prediction: Erik, always in the know, is the equipment manager for the Women's Hockey team

Prediction: BC BOT borrows "It doesn't matter" phrase from GDF and makes it the new BC slogan. BOT jacks up tuition and room/board to $70,000 year - BU quickly goes to $71,000

Prediction: GDF arrested for public indecency and resigns

Prediction: Spaz resigns and moves to Belmar, NJ

John said...

I agree with your some of your comments and hope DeFilippo is gone. The Crawley hire was pathetic and she needs to be gone. We need a coach who cares about BC and has some regional pride.

You are way off on mens basketball. We have never seen anything this bad and ACC play will destroy these guys. If they had any confidence at all, it will be gone forever soon. Harvard, Holy Cross, UMASS and BU were bad enough, but the end result in Chapel Hill could be 110 to 48 or something. What a disgrace for Boston College - the managerial ineptitude is mind boggling.

Does Donahue have a clue, or are we on a 8 year rebuilding program like we were with that stiff Jim O'Brien? The ACC will throw us out. We are a joke thanks to Flipoleon.

DeFilippo should be fired.

Joseph said...

Some maybe have not been told that the BB team has nine freshmen. Perhaps if they thought about it for a minute they might get it. But, then again, there is the possibility that they are indeed top tier coaches making millions and really know what they are talking about rather than appearing to be silly prattlers.

canttakeit said...

There was no need for 9 freshmen. I also think we are seeing that most of the nine will have trouble playing at the ACC level.
Maybe 3. How did the others who could contibute get run off? There was no need for a gut rebuilding job. There will be after another 2 years of Donahue. I understand these kids are young, but doesn't it bother anyone that inferior teams make ingame adjustments that kill us? When Spaz gets outcoached we jump all over him. What has Donahue done to deserve this respect. As i have said before, BU-Holy Cross should have 1 or 2 kids who could be on an ACC bench.

Five bowl teams fire their coaches. Bill O'Brien right down the street leaves the Pats for Penn State. How is Gene's nationwide search going?

York is 65-might be retiring soon. Gene, please leave before he does. I would hate to see that nationwide search.

Happy New Year. Let us all look forward to 2016 as the next time we could relevent in either sport

Lenny Sienko said...

Lets be clear about the reason we have nine (9) freshman playing on the basketball team this year. Coach Skinner had a year when he did not have a single recruit.

I don't care who left when Skinner did. He certainly ran off enough kids over the years.

I screamed about it at the time. No Division 1 (or whatever they call it now) basketball program can have a season with not one recruit. For that lack alone, Coach Skinner had to go.

As for Women's BB, I still have never seen the "entire story" of why Coach Ingelese was fired. There seemed to be no cause for the action, other than GDF's "whim of iron".

janebc said...

The GDF retirement is a nice thought; that would alleviate much of our suffering.

TheShowGoesOnLupeFiasco said...


John said...

I understand about the 9 freshmen, but I am not happy how Boston College managed itself into that situation. We are in a position to lose games by 50 and 60 points. It's one thing to have a lean season, but another to have orchestrated this debacle. It makes me want to puke.

My concern going forward is what to do about those players within the 9 freshmen who are not ACC calibre players (as bad as the ACC has become in basketball).

Will Donahue run some of them off in order to make room for better players? What will that say about our program?

I think Clifford will be something and Heckman and a few others will be good, but that's it = 4 lean years.

Thanks DeFilippo, you stiff.

I don't understand why some of you think this is okay. It's only okay if this improvement project results in good things by, say, 2013/2014.

If that doesn't happen, what then?

Big Jack Krack said...

Happy New Year, All. I wish everyone the best, as well as our college teams.

I hope I don't come across as too pompous - if so I apologize - I'm not like that.

I will endeavor to be positive this year, but unafraid to call a spade a spade.

I will definitely send a letter or letters with appropriate courtesy copies to selected football coach recipients between now and Spring Football.

I won't comment much on basketball, because I am not following it very closely due to the situation.

Ry said...

Jack Dunn is the University Spokesman/Director of PR and is one of the best dudes you will ever meet...he does way more than sports stuff.

mod34b said...

Ry. Just a joke. No harm intended. I am sure he is first class.