Monday, December 12, 2011

Nagurski Award added to Kuechly's Trophy case and other links

After receiving the Lott Trophy, Luke Kuechly added yet another honor on Monday by winning the Bronko Nagurski Award as the nation's top defensive player. It's been an incredible run. With all the accolades, if he does come back BC should try to position him for the Heisman.

Luechly also made ESPN's All America list.

Two of BC's top verbal commitments are taking other visits and hedging a bit on their commitments. Let's hope BC is able to cherry pick a few recruits from other schools in transition. BC is still in the mix for RB David Smith.

The New York Times college football blog thought Spaz had one of the worst seasons in college football this year. But according to Blauds its only nameless people in chat rooms that are critical of Spaz.

The baseball team picked up a commitment for their 2013 class.


dixieagle said...

So glad for Luke; another well-deserved honor. Got to admit, I am surprised and delighted, given the crappy season we had. Pleased that his talent and class carried him through.

dixieagle said...

I love Myerberg's column and one of the qualifications for landing on his list: "By running a program into the ground." Yup, that about says it all.

janebc said...

What is there left to say Luke except well done-once again! And as for Spaz-I'm still having trouble grasping the fact that the man wants to show his face in Alumni Stadium in 2012.

eagle1331 said...

New theory: Spaz and Gene both know how bad the season was and how bad this recruiting class is, especially with the soft verbals, minimal scholarships, and likely transfers. They're just waiting until after signing day to announce his "sudden retirement due to health issues" to keep the few they've been able to keep...

A man can dream.

FakeShalomTfree said...

It kills me to say this, because i am a proud alumnus of BC, but can you blame recruits for "entertaining other offers."

Sure BC is great academically, but so are plenty of other schools if you're good enough to get an offer (UVA, UNC, Stanford,ND). Aside from the possibility of instant playing (which may not apply to Lynch considering how deep we are at RB), why would you sign up to play for this coaching staff?

janebc said...
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janebc said...

BaltEagle, As a proud alumna of BC it kills me to agree with you 100% What kid who wants to excel could possibly be inspired by the play-not -to-lose and we-are-what we-are, excuse-ridden attitude exhibited by this staff and administration?

JBQ said...

For today, the glass is half full. Cool Hand Luke on the bow of the Titanic.

JBQ said...

The NY Times link is worse than thought. Spaziani was runner-up for the worst coach of the year to Houston Nutt of Ol' Miss. The award is named for the 2010 winner (loser) from New Mexico.

mod34b said...

The snowball is rolling . . .

the problem with a Spaz type is that the damage a loser causes is hard to see at first, but then it builds and compounds and grows and grows into a massive unstoppable snowball. it is rolling in REcruit-land.. It rolled on the gridiron this year.. it will roll faster next year...

even if we fired Spaz today, how long until BC can regain this lost ground...

mod34b said...

I know people think this present tragedy is all about GDF's ego. But take step and think about that. If GDF had the $$ to fire Spaz and hire a new $2.0M coach, would he do it? Yes. The new coach would make him look good -- and he likes that.

Kansas just fired Turner Gill and must pay him $2M for the next 3 years and they hired Charlie Weiss for $2.5M a year. They are paying $4.5M a year on just HCs teh next 3years! If GDF had the $$ he would do the same and buy as big name coach. His petty ego craves the limelight.

Right now Spaz is paid $~1.1M. That is the lowest in the ACC amoung full time HCs. There are coordinators making $800k. Spaz may also be one of the lowest paid coaches in all of BCS land, if not the lowest full-time HC. (of course, in contrast, GDF is one of the highest paid ADs)

Why is BC so cheap?

Think about TOB. He wanted more $$. To be on par with peers. BC was cheap and would not fork over the $$$

Think about BC today. They have very high expenses. They are building like crazy. There is no legislature to hand over $$$.

So, I think BC the insitition has quite a bit of blame to take for the on-going Spaz debacle. BC is being penny-wise and dollar-foolish.

From USA today Nov 2011

Boston College Frank Spaziani $1,079,410
Clemson ACC Dabo Swinney $1,846,333
Duke ACC David Cutcliffe $1,762,895
Florida State ACC Jimbo Fisher $2,750,000
Georgia Tech ACC Paul Johnson $2,369,000
Maryland ACC Randy Edsall $2,013,440
Miami ACC Al Golden ??
North Carolina ACC Fedora -- ??
North Carolina State ACC Tom O'Brien $1,877,950
Virginia ACC Mike London $1,794,679
Virginia Tech ACC Frank Beamer $2,328,000
Wake Forest ACC Jim Grobe $2,275,545 N

bc1900 said...

Recruits deciding not to come to BC is probably the fastest way to get GDF to see the horrible mistake he has made. We have further to sink before this gets turned around. Let's be honest, if you were 18 yo and you just visited Michigan with their new coach and then compared that to BC and Spaz, you would end up at Michigan. Not only is Michigan a great school, it is a program on a fast trajectory up and with a lot of fan enthusiasm for the future. It is the exact opposite of BC right now.

mod10aeagle said...

Any 18 year-old being seriously recruited by Michigan is not going to visit BC at all, no matter who's coaching.

Big Jack Krack said...

About the only thing BC can sell now is a chance to play as a freshman or red-shirt freshman. And that is as much a recruit choosing BC rather than BC choosing the recruit.

Therefore, the recruit has to want that, when it might not be a given at a different, more storied program.

When you think of it, it's not so much BC selling it as the recruit recognizing that he can contribute right away. Also, there has to be awareness that a player can get recognition at BC - Ryan, Raji, Herzlich, Keuchly, Hasslebeck - and have success in the NFL - Dunbar, Kiwanuka, Francois, various OLinemen - Trueblood, Koppen, Snee, etc.

Even with rose-colored glasses, we are in a very difficult spot recruiting wise until we get positive energy at the HC position.

Can you imagine being fed the same crappy excuses next season (season #4) as well? We would be good except for Lack, Loss, Limitation.............

A sub-par recruiting class this year would be a catastrophe.

Mr. Tambourine MAn said...

I don't know why everyone is so gloomy, this is great news for our AD. Spaz will be gone in a year or two, so we need to plant the seeds for the "cupboard was bare" theory now in order to harvest the excuses three or four years from now.

Big Jack Krack said...

These post season awards are mind-boggling:

The Nation’s Top Defensive Player - Luke Keuchly, Boston College.

This is 4 national awards, along with being chosen for the All-American Team.

Nagurski Award - Nation’s top collegiate defensive player

Lott Award - It honors on-field performance and personal character among defensive players.

Butkus Award - Nation’s best collegiate linebacker.

Lombardi Award - Nation’s best collegiate lineman.

I guess it would be quite a surprise if Luke ever returned next season. We can always hope, right? :-)

Go BC - we must prevail in spite of our present situation.

Benjamin said...
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Benjamin said...

BJK - Kuechly comes back, to win the Heisman. And become another consensus all-american.

He'll tackle his way into voters hearts. Or else.