Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Recruiting news and other links

BC's has new competition for Illinois running back David Smith. Oklahoma is coming on with late interest and Smith seems interested.

Not surprisingly, BC is still in the basement of the ACC Basketball power rankings.

Congrats to BJ Raji on his first Pro Bowl.

For those who missed it, Sean Williams was very Sean William-y in his return to the NBA.


hsk said...

Ok fine. So when TOB exited we all got excited thinking better years were ahead. And then here we are, he wins another bowl game, and what are we doing ?? All I can say is Damn. Can you imagine if we are to look back at some point and recall the good old days as being under TOB. I'm depressed.

blockparty said...

sean williams block party is back and better than ever!

Erik said...

Hsk- you mean the same NC State team that lost to BC? Wouldn't use them as our benchmark. That said TOB knows how to prep a team for a bowl game.

NEDofSavinHill said...

(1.)TOB is 9-2 all time in bowl games.That is the best record in college football history.(at least 10 contests) Joe Pa won 65% of his bowl games Bowden won about 60% of his. TOB wins at better than an 80%clip. (2.) Spaz , "the best coach in 15 years",is 0-2 (winless) in bowls as full time HC, and of course didn't make a bowl this year. (3.) Some consider Jags 1st year to be TOB's team (95% of TOB's recruits and some of TOB's assistant coaches). That would make 11 wins for TOB teams his last year, after winning 10 and 9 the prior TOB's last three years averaged 10 wins. His last 5 years averaged 9.5 wins a year. Remember, last week GDF told students that he wants to bring the football team back to its "accustomed" 7 or 8 win season. (4.) TOB brought BC from a 4 win team he inherited to a 10 win program. He wasn't "running out of steam", he was gathering steam: The team was getting better yearly. (5)Remember the noted political question "are you better off than you were 4 years ago? Is the Country better off than 4 years ago? Well is BC better off than they were 5 years ago? Is 10 wins per year better than 4 wins per year. What direction has the AD taken BC in? (5.)Some clown at the Globe said "the ACC stinks in football" and "seldom" has teams in the top 25. Last year, the ACC had 4 teams ranked in the top 25. In the last 5 years, 15 ACC teams were ranked in the top 25. The ACC had the most(22) members of the NFL top 100 and this year Scouts Inc. lists 9 ACC players as 1st round NFL talent to 8 SEC and Zero for the Big East. Who stinks in football? and why is the Globe lying? 6.Kim Jung Il's funeral is today and all the trees in N. Korea are weeping. All the trees in Chestnut Hill are weeping because BC has a clone of Kim as AD. Under Gladchuk BC was prosperous, competitive and happy(similar to South Korea). Gladchuck's major coaching hires are the most sucessful in BC history. Under GDF BC is much closer to the N. Korean model of hardship, scarecity, suffering and non competitivenes i.e. a failed state. Kim during his life received the same fawning, sycophantic press coverage that the Globe applies to GDF. In the Globe's eyes, Gladchuk was bad and GDF good. In the N. Korean prees S. Korea was bad and Kim was good. Is this Orwellian nightmare going to persist for BC fans?

eagleboston said...

I would take TOB back in a heartbeat. He owned Notre Dame and he almost always won our bowl games. He was a much, much better coach than Spaz. The main criticism was that he could not take us to the BCS level. Many BC fans have unrealistic BCS expectations and are out of touch with modern college football. Plus, you have to cheat and sell out your integrity to get to that level in college football.

Hell, Jags, the guy so many fans have an unhealthy man-crush on could not even get to the Orange Bowl, even with Matt Ryan.
The only time we reached a BCS- level game in the modern era was with a once-in-a-lifetime Heisman trophy winning player. Magic like that does not happen often at a small, academic school. That was 1985, before today's BC seniors were even born!

TOB turned around a program that was losing on the field and with the bookies. He brought back integrity, recruited solid BC guys and won. Sometimes you don't appreciate what you have until it is gone.

TheGuru said...

Wake Forest -- BCS bowl in January 2007. Smaller school than BC. No Flutie either.

eagleboston said...


Wake Forest: that was their "Flutie moment." They had Skinner who was a great college qb and struck magic, as BC did in '84.

Look, I would love for BC to go to a BCS game. But, I think we need to be happy with 8-10 win seasons. We bitched and ran TOB and now we have won 4 games. If you cannot get to the Orange Bowl with Matt Ryan, you will probably never go.

He was certainly not a perfect coach, but those kind of coaches go to Alabama, Oklahoma, Florida and Ohio State (and they also cheat). He should have started Ryan much earlier. He should have started Peterson earlier. He should have prepared the team better to prevent a myriad of WTF's. But, at least once he got on a roll, we kicked Notre Dame's ass, had consistent winning seasons and won our bowl games. For that, I will be forever grateful to TOB.

Knucklehead said...

Real simple, TOB would still be here if Gene paid him the 300k to 400k more that he asked for . . . and deserved.

Eagle4life said...

After Gene fired Jags he said that he wanted to find a head coach that wanted to be at BC and would win. TOB was that guy.

TOB fit the mold for the stability we needed at head coach. Like already stated he was our legacy coach for BC. I think the work he's done at NC State is very commendable.

As for us BC fans we shall live in purgatory for quite some time because this ship is veering in the wrong direction.

And when you are in rough waters it's nearly impossible to turn this ship around in a short time.

The worst part is he's a Spaz and we made him captain of our ship...