Saturday, January 14, 2012

Good wins and recruiting news

Two weeks ago I feared BC would have a terrible ACC slate. Now after three games we are 2-1 in conference. Saturday's solid win over Virginia Tech was another example of the team maturing. This was the most they've gone inside and it helped the offense all over the floor. The defense was much better too. Now I am feeling better about how the team will do in the following weeks.

BC made the most of their second Frozen Fenway appearance by beating Northeastern 2-1. The win wrapped up a sweep of the Huskies.

BC commit Sam Grant visited Michigan this weekend and is now choosing between Michigan, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.


EL MIZ said...

so grant is essentially gone -- thats the way the article reads. i don't want to jump to conclusions and pretend losing sam grant, a TE prospect who i've never seen play, is the worst thing to happen in the world. will not be good to lose him, especially if they wind up losing the RB lynch as well. hopefully the full staff can close out recruiting strong, this is an important class.

couldn't be happier for the hoops team. so many haters around here swore this was a high school JV unit. i could have sworn after reading some of the detractors that the 7 freshman may never collectively score a point in the ACC. now they have 2 ACC wins under their belt in 3 tries. not bad at all. perhaps the conference is quite top heavy after all -- outside of duke and NC, this conference is up for the taking. really excited to see the #'s of guys like clifford and anderson and daniels after the season ends so we can compare their freshman year stats to other players who went on to be good -- i think ppl will be very surprised. really hope heckmann can turn it around, he's been in a big time slump after looking like perhaps the best shot creator on the team early in the season.

FakeShalomTfree said...

So you're telling me this Grant kid wants to play for teams that may crack the top 5 than for a coach who is in the Top 5 of the Coaches Hot Seat ranking?! How dare he!

neenan said...

Looks like Grant cancelled his on campus visit to Michigan

As tweeted: “@mspeedkills: Change of plans for 3-star TE Sam Grant, will have an in-home visit with Michigan and then decide. .”

May be he realizes that being on the Michigan scout team for 4 years is no fun.

JD said...

Heck has a back injury. Makes it tough to play bball. He will be fine

John said...

Congratulations once again to our Baby Eagles - Mens Basketball.

Congratulations to Mens Hockey.

And then there is Crawley's Womens Basketball - a brilliant hire by GDF.

He'll have to reach a mutual agreement with her - she sure doesn't seem like the answer for Womens BBall.

Lenny Sienko said...

The announcers on Saturday's mens' basketball broadcast did, indeed, mention that Heckmann has a back injury. This injury has not been widely reported.

A back injury would account for seemingly inconsistent play from Heckmann.

They also said that Heckmann was playing despite the injury because his mother was at the game, having traveled from Germany to be present.

EL MIZ said...

interesting, thanks for the update on heckmann. that we are winning in the ACC without him is surprising.

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