Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Kuechly's still undecided and other links

Luke Kuechly has yet to make a decision on his NFL Draft status. This post from Draft Insider claims that he is torn between his love for BC, unfinished business in college and the fact that his draft status is at its best now. What isn't mentioned anywhere is the status of his elbow. The rumors floating around say that injury is more severe than most know. The smart move is for Luke to bolt, but selfishly I would love to see him back.

Mark Herzlich is still not 100%.

BC's outdoor hockey game at Fenway has been moved up two hours to 4 PM so that fans can watch the Patriots' playoff game that night.


neenan said...

I am no WVU fan, but I am just LOVING watching Clemson get embarrassed, rocked, crushed, humiliated.

Oh, it is great stuff.

(yeah, yeah, not good for ACC, I know, but still just a beaut to enjoy!)

CT said...

Wait. That dude Ned from somewhere who posts on here says the ACC isn't a bad conference. The ACC has better talent than the SEC he said. More top players or some nonsense. Wins and losses be damned.

Maybe he and GDF are the last ones to the party. Do any of you actually watch college football?

The ACC stinks.

What is the conference's BCS record now? Didn't the conference just go 2-6 in bowls? Clemson is representing the conference as well as Obama represents success.

70 points? Hey coach, put me in. I could score on Clemson.

CT said...

The ACC is 2-13 in BCS bowls. Maybe we should have our automatic bid pulled.

Erik said...

It's bad that a barely ranked Big East team hangs 70 but we could only manage 14 on them.

Good news about the hockey game. I'm sure money drove the decision but it's good for the fans who have tickets.

John said...

I'm with CT - the ACC will now have to earn its way back from the bottom of the pile. The league is a joke.

Dabo Swinney = Coach of the Year. Disgraceful.

Goberry said...

No doubt the $ that Kuechly will make is a good enough reason to go pro (I don't follow the Sunday league, not sure how much he'd be looking at/where he'd get drafted). And I know another year in college risks injury.

That being said, in addition to his love for BC, if he stays for his senior year, he's looking at being a lock for the college football hall of fame AND having his number retired at some point (sadly, as shown in hockey with Marty Reasoner, BC won't honor guys who leave school without a degree) Those are in addition to any awards he may win next year that will boost his draft stock.

mod10aeagle said...

I don't know what Kiper and the other pundits are saying, but it seems to me that Andrew Luck's decision to return to Stanford has worked out really well for him. The kid is aptly named, that's for sure. No injuries and, despite the OT loss, his bowl performance was very impressive. On top of that, the team with the top pick in the draft desperately needs the "second coming of Peyton Manning" right now.

As I recall, Luck opted to stay at Stanford because he really enjoyed the college experience and wanted as much of it as he could get. I'd love for Luke (only a typo from Luck!) to feel the same way and have the same outcome.

EL MIZ said...

John and CT, i am with you guys. i think a lot of the blame falls on the shoulders of the 2 florida schools -- miami and florida state.

FSU: "The Seminoles played in five national championship games between 1993 and 2001 and won the championship in 1993 and 1999. The FSU football team was the most successful team in college football during the 1990s, boasting an 89% winning percentage."

The U won the national championship in 2001 and won 34 straight games at one point leading up to their 2002 game where they got hosed against Ohio State (the late pass interference call...can't imagine ever losing a national championship like that).

Regardless, both of those schools used to be NFL factories and should be the real heavyweights of the ACC. This year the U wasn't even in a bowl, and FSU played ND in some meaningless bowl which I didn't watch and have no idea who won.

the point is, the ACC isn't going to return to prominence b/c BC all of a sudden starts going 9-3 again, or Clemson can beat West Virginia (who was ranked 23rd!) in a meaningless January bowl. the ACC will "return" when FSU and the U start sending like 5 guys into the first round every year and can compete with Bama, LSU, USC, etc. its on those guys.

Tim said...

Agree that FSU and UM need to step up, and I'd also add VT to the conversation. They clearly have the potential to compete at a high level, yet they're 1-4 when representing the ACC in BCS games.

Big Jack Krack said...

If Luke Keuchly returns to Boston College for his senior season, I will definitely renew my 35-37 year (50 yard line)season tickets. Frankly, I have been on the fence waiting to see what develops, and can donate elsewhere within BC or other worthy places.

If Luke will make that commitment, so will I for sure. There are other factors as well, but Luke's return by itself will induce my donation to the Flynn Fund - as much as I dislike Gene DeFilippo et al.


I'm getting sick of watching (fat) football players in short pants with their shirts hanging out.

When your uniforms are solid orange and you can't make a tackle, I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I guess it's easier to quit when you are wearing clown uniforms - including the coaches, because they quit too.

ESPN (and the others)has done its best to ruin college football - and now its compounded by these stupid uniforms.

Where is the school pride? Anyway, I'm rambling - sorry.

Big Jack Krack said...

If you're an ACC fan, you've got to wear a bag on your head.

I hope Roy let's the team stay out late Friday night.

Big Jack Krack said...

El Miz - I think FSU will return to prominence (great class coming in for 2012) but I'm not sure about Miami.

The pro stadium is 20 miles from their campus and the fans only show up when they are winning big.

With sanctions and everything, it will be tough to bring in great recruits with the new restrictions. Still, Golden might be able to pull it off.

Knucklehead said...

The problem for Miami along with the future sanctions is USF. USF is a legitimate program now (Jason Pierre Paul) and they have better facilities than Miami. They play in an NFL stadium, the Univeristy is huge(40,000 students), and it does not have overbearing academic standard(not that U Miami does)

JBQ said...

Big Jack Krack "rambled" one more time. Cool Hand Luke is taking his step over the Rubicon and good for him. Those of us who are left behind are "left behind". I continue to believe that "Big Jack Krack" needs to take issues to the "Big Top". The "circus is in town" and it is not at Madison Square Garden. Come on Big Jack, take the "bull by the horns" and take a petition to WPL. I'll be the first in line. There may be one or two others. Take no prisoners! Semper Fi! "We are all in the same boat, in a stormy sea, and we owe each other a terrible loyalty". G.K. Chesterton. A football star sent me this in a letter just before he died after being radiated while handling missiles on board a U.S. Navy cruiser, USS Wainwright, on a Med cruise in 1975. There is no reason to quit looking for "Ever to Excel". "Damn the torpedoes". "Full speed ahead".