Thursday, January 19, 2012

Road test in Raliegh

Two ACC wins provided a big boost of confidence to this young BC basketball team. They also have us believers thinking this fledgling squad will mature quickly and compete soon. Thursday night will provide another test as the guys take on NC State. The Pack are 13-5 and very good offensively. To win BC is going to need to be strong defensively and cut down on turnovers.

Even though it is early, this could be a big turning point in the season. A win would prove that the team can compete against the better ACC teams on the road. It would also provide a much needed boost to BC's RPI rankings.


EL MIZ said...

jordan daniels is really impressing me. first game in the ACC against UNC he only played 6 minutes and didn't score.

next 3 games per game averages:
9 points 2 assists 1 steal only 1 turnover

he's 8/14 from 3 in the ACC. he's a legit super speedy guy. i think he'll be pretty good 5'10 from CA and under recruited (undersized and underrecruited from CA BC alum: jared dudley, craig smith). he can hit the 3 and he gets a few steals. in donahue's system if he can make his 3's he can be a 20 ppg scorer by his junior or senior season. jackson is solid too; similar player, smallish guard who can hit the 3.

and then clifford. local 7 footer. legit only weighs like 240 he is so skinny.

first 4 games in the ACC, as a true freshman:
13 points 5 rebounds 2 assists 1 blk

anderson has had his moments (18/14/3 blk v. rhode island, 13/6 v. UNC, 12/8 v. va tech) but been inconsistent. once his offensive game develops he's really gonna be a strong player.

heckmann played over 35 minutes 6 times earlier in the season, including 42 min v. rhode island. he also carried us to a win or two earlier in the season. he's only played like 10-15 minutes last few games because of some sort of back sprain.

i count 4 freshman who can play in the ACC. humphrey really isn't very good, and i'm happy he'll be a senior next year. moton and rubin are both probably bench players as well.

odio (6'7 195; leaping SF) and caudill (6'10 280; plodding big) are both projects on the bench, but its good to have projects on that bench that are that size. caudill is huge, and odio has the athleticism to guard the better athletes in this conference.

bright spots in an otherwise forgetable season.

JERZeagle said...

donahue has to bring in a guy who can bang this year. there is no one on our team that can muscle/or will want to out muscle people in the next 4 years. even if our guys put on 20+ pounds, we dont have a person who enjoys contact.

yeah we beat clemson, but teams like ncstate, clemson, uva, maryland, etc... have their 3 & 4 guys looking for contact and the o-boards. these guys also are a blessing on high ball screens.

clifford will be a star in 3 years. ryan anderson is weak, but seems like he knows what he is doing. jordan daniels is not 5'10... thats a joke. he will not be our pg in 2 years.

lonnie jackson can shoot, but thats about it.

and heckmann showed some actual talent early on in the year, but he definitely has something wrong with him, and it must be in the back because it seems like he can't bend or really even move for that matter (so why even bother playing him? is it for experience? i would rather rest him for 5 games and get him at his best for the rest of the year so he can improve at peak capacity).

overall we are just so small compared to every team. im not talking about poundage, i'm talking about height. lonnie jackson is definitely smaller than he is listed, same with anderson. it just scares me that we are bringing in 2 more ball handlers next year, when we really should focus on the 3 and 4 size. If we can move anderson to the 3 and bring in a 6'8/9ish banger, we will be in good shape.

i think donahue is a good coach, and i am sure he understands what he is up against in the acc. i just hope he starts bringing the pieces in... i like all the kids that he has brought to the heights, but at some point, we need to be realistic here.

p.s. my buddy dropped tyrelle blair today. remember him and his game winning shot?

BorrisQ said...

If you are interested in seeing Tyrelle Blair, you can often spot him picking up and delivering food around the North End for Takeout Taxi....

JBQ said...

RPI index: 1.20.12: 216 of 344.