Thursday, January 19, 2012

Good interview with Gene and other links

Around the Res posted the second part of their interview with Gene. They did a nice job. These types of interviews can be difficult and lend themselves to pat answers, but Around the Res didn't go with just softballs. They pushed on recruiting and on our football success.

This article on Kuechly includes a note about transfer Marcus Grant and early enrollee Joel Zoungrana already being on campus.

With Donnie Fletcher's invite, BC continued its streak of sending players to the Senior Bowl. BCI crunched some of the numbers.


neenan said...

The return of Steve Logan? dubious. We have nothing close the the players Logan had. I guess, at this point, any change is good. I hope Martin can makes some things happen.

As for the rest of the interview GDF was so scripted for most of the interview. Again return to the bs baout how when he arrived in '97 BC was not winning....blah blah blah

"What does Doug Martin bring to the table as an offensive coordinator and how will the offense be different under him than it may have been under Rogers?

I know Doug just a little bit. I met him when we played Kent State several times. And I met him once when he was at the University of Kentucky, but I was not involved in any of the interviews [ROGERS WARNING ISSUED TO MARTIN, WATCH OUT WITH THE GDF DISTANCING]. . . .

"Doug is a good football coach. I mean he's a very, very good football coach and his offense will be very similar to what Steve Logan did here when he was here for two years in '07 and '08.

"I think the fact that Doug worked for Steve for seven, eight, ten years...their philosophies are very much the same and our offense was very good in those years. And I think you'll see more of us going back to some of the things that we did in '07 and '08 rather than a lot of the things we did in '09, '10, and '11"

Big Jack Krack said...

Good...So how enthusiastic would you say the fan base is towards the football program right now, and if you sort of had to rank fan enthusiasm for the three major programs where do you think that football would stack up?

You know, I don't know. You've got to ask the fans that. I know that this was a funny year.

Suggestion for Gene - You as the Athletic Director need to ask some of your loyal Flynn Fund Season Ticket Holders. There are various ways for you to do that. You need to connect with us somehow, and the personal touch is welcome.

Set up a teleconference and speak to us “from the heart” - not following some script. Let’s get this enthusiastic game day experience thing going again.

Big Jack Krack said...

I hope that wide receiver Marcus Grant has a successful career at BC. By the time he steps on the field, he will have had plenty of time to adjust, after transferring back to his home area.

I also hope that Joel Zoungrana can make the kind of contributions that Kevin Challenger made for us.

Together with incoming Harrison Jackson, hopefully these guys will click and work hard for successful careers at BC.

Go BC!!!!

EL MIZ said...

outside of the obvious campaigning by gene (he and spaz continue to blame the loss to duke on the kicker even though spaz had several opportunities to both go for a TD and center the ball and chose to do neither), that was an enjoyable read. i agree with him on the donahue hiring -- the team plays hard and its a fun style of basketball to watch.

i am excited about these 2 WRs. if any area needed an infusion of talent, its the WRs, especially with momah's return looking doubtful. hopefully they can both make an impact next year.

not losing any sleep over the loss of lynch. he would have redshirted anyway next year, and we have depth at RB for the next few years. i'm not surprised that when OU and penn state called, he said "you know what, i'm gonna check them out." hopefully spaz & co. can finish the next few weeks strong and bring in a few guys who will make an immediate impact.

Knucklehead said...

Haven't read the Gene D interview yet. It is probably better for the University that Gene follows the script publicly. When Gene goes off script he is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

TheGuru said...

The only good interview with Gene will be his exit interview.

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