Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hockey wins, Football starts and other links

After hitting a milestone win Friday, Jerry York and his team were back on the ice to get win No. 901. Paul Carey's goal put BC up for good as they swept the weekend series with Merrimack.

Since BC didn't have extra bowl practices, Spaz decided to start Spring Ball earlier. Notes from the first day include a few position changes, Jones and Swigert missing time recovering from surgery, and an update on Okoroha.

The baseball team is off to a surprising start. After beating Coastal Carolina 8-3 on Saturday, the team improved to 3-0. The team is off until their series with UCF next weekend.

Here is a preview of BC-Duke.

The softball team is in Florida and beat St. Louis 5-4.


neenan said...

The link to the football report is to a pay site.

Anybody have a summary or copy of the report?

eagleboston said...

One reason to move spring practices earlier is to give players that get injured in spring practices more time to recover before August camp. Typically, 2 to 3 players are hurt in the spring and are not able to play the first few weeks of fall camp. Not sure if this is the reason for BC moving practices earlier.

Lenny Sienko said...

Anyone have notes on the first day of Spring Practice, which is not behind a pay wall?

While I'm venting, has anybody else been having difficulty posting to Blogger lately? They seem to be going bonkers with verification characters, Google passwords, etc. Anyone know what's up?

Big Jack Krack said...

I have been having the same problem.

It's aggravating for sure.

mod34b said...

Yes, the blogger is a pain lately by requiring repeated sign ins. And the "prove you are not a robot" words are tough! (not to mention how my auto fill corrects the words...grrrr)

So football returns, and so does Spaz. Same old Spaz:

Check out this mangling of the English language About the return of Montel - yet in makes some sense!

“I’d be less than honest with you if I said there wasn’t a concern,” he told ESPN. “When this procedure was done on him, we were looking at four to six weeks being back playing and ready to go and it’s now been a year and something. That in itself is a little big [bit?] of a red flag and a concern, but there are no indications now that will be the case. But, once again, we had hoped we weren’t at this point, so there is that lingering concern until he does it.”

eagle1331 said...

Same here with the blogger issues. Every time I post I have to log in again and even when I get an easy verification word sometimes it won't accept it or give me a new one...