Thursday, March 22, 2012

Baldwin in flight and other links

If Baldwin could skydive into Alumni every week, I think people would get to their seats in time for kick off.

HT Eagleoutsider boards.

Need to get up to speed on the NCAA Hockey tournament? Read this overview from Yahoo.

Kuechly performed as expected at BC's Pro Day. The more disappointing issue is that Momah was not able to run.

Seattle has shown interest in Donnie Fletcher.

The NCAA Tournament was part of Tommy Cross' life long before he started playing for BC.

Recruiting target Matt Rolin is set to visit BC soon.

Dallas waived Sean Williams. I don't know how many more chances he'll have.

Dominique Davis redshirted during Matt Ryan's senior season. Maybe they are destined to be to together again as the Falcons met with Davis after his Pro Day. If the Falcons are going to have Ryan and Davis on the staff they might as well hire Steve Logan and also see what Chris Crane is up to.

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