Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sesquicentennial, more draft stuff, Anderson interview and other links

BC announced their plans for the school's Sesquicentennial. Sports-wise the two related announcements are a Mass in Fenway Park and that select teams will have a Sesquicentennial patch on their uniforms. The Fenway Park Mass is the most interesting item to me. I don't know where they will set the altar, but the Park can't hold that many more people than a full Alumni Stadium. Perhaps you could say it is a more central location for alumni and members of the BC family in the Boston area. the idea of Mass at Fenway sort of feels a little like a gimmick...and I am okay with that. I am sure we've all attended religious ceremonies in unique venues. If the setting adds to the reverence and passion to the event, I am not opposed. Most BC people have been to many events in Alumni. Perhaps having a Mass in Fenway will add a little bit to the memories and celebration.

Kuechly's Draft Diary with's tone has changed a bit now that the Eagles signed a free agent middle linebacker. Todd McShay has Luke slotted to the Chiefs at No. 11. Don Banks also thinks Kuechly ends up in KC.

Around The Res posted a good two-part interview with Ryan Anderson.

BC is using our ties to the Cincinnati area to recruit Ohio DB Keith Watkins.

Things are looking up for the Baseball team after a walk-off home run to beat Bryant.

BCI touched on this earlier in the week, but it is interesting to read between the lines of this Tiffany Ruffin interview. Regardless of why it came about, I think the coaching change with the women's basketball team will provide a breath of fresh air.


Old Heightsonian said...

The mass at Fenway Park is a joint event with Boston College High School which is obviously also celebrating its sesquicentennial this year. BC High is now located at Columbia Point, near the JFK Library, so Fenway Park is about halfway between the two campuses. Makes sense.

I'm curious if Fenway Park will host any specifically-BC athletic events (i.e. not just Frozen Fenway or the Baseball Beanpot) over the next few seasons to recognize its role in BC sports history.

And on the subject of BC and BC High, it's an embarrassment that the two schools' historic home in the South End lies in a state of ruins: part of it was unceremoniously gutted and converted into "luxury" condos a few years ago, part of it is being used for BU med school dorms (the horror!), and the magnificent chapel has been crumbling since it was shuttered--probably awaiting another condo conversion. A true shame.

Benjamin said...

Bill, while there may be some obvious themes, I wouldn't mind reading your thoughts on why Crawley's "health issues" could provide a breath of fresh air, as opposed to Skinner's ousting and the change that occurred there.

Peanut said...

I'll be at the Spring Game tomorrow if anyone wants to join in for some tailgating. I can't wait to get a look at this new, high powered, sexy offense!

SIKE! Is it legal to take a knee in your own intrasquad scrimmage? Do you think Spaz inplemented "take a knee, head into the locker room" into the point system? I hope so, because we need get these boys ready for the season!

3xEagle said...

The Fenway site for the Mass is a great idea! Alumni Stadium would be ok, but its limitation is that it is an NCAA venue. The best part of the Fenway decision is that you will be able to get a beer at the Fenway Park Mass. Right?

CatabEagle said...

Old Heightonian -

I think it's incorrect to refer to the former home of the university as "in ruins." In fact, its the exact opposite. That neighborhood has vastly improved over the past decade through a great deal of pride, hard work, and financial risk by a University (BU) and a community with more foresight than our Board of Trustees. If BC had turned towards the community and the poor(when the South End was still called Roxbury and it was an impoverished section of town) instead of hid in its Chestnut Hill enclave, we likely would have purchased that property back for a song a long time ago.

I think what you're really doing is crying over spilled milk. To call its new transformation as "ruins" is just incorrect. Because BU, developers, and not to be underestimated, the gay community of Boston had more vision than BC's Board of Trustees is no reason to knock the neighborhood.

As for the crumbling Church, please steer your anger at the select clergy of the Dicoese of Boston who raped and sexually abused children and the Bishops who enabled them to do so.

Old Heightsonian said...

Foodie, I don't disagree with you. I'm not knocking the neighborhood, the gay community, or even Boston U. Their role in the South End's revival is to be praised (leaving aside the wisdom of placing a major infectious-diseases biolab in such a dense urban area)

What I am lamenting (i.e. crying over spilled milk) is the lack of action on the part of our Alma Mater to safeguard and steward her own history in the form of these architectural relics. So I think we are on the same page there.

But the milk isn't entirely spilled yet. The two buildings on Harrison Ave (chapel and current BU dorm) are still owned by the Jesuits. I disagree with your assessment of BC's commitment to Boston/service. With some imagination, they could be restored and used for some BC-related function (outpost of the neighborhood center/PULSE/4Boston, concert hall, shelter, conference center, soup kitchen, hotel, alumni club, nativity school, etc ... or any combination thereof).

Sadly, it's highly unlikely that any of this will happen, and we are left with buildings that are quite literally crumbling.

PJeagle said...

Mass at Fenway will conflict with the BC @ Northwestern game in Evanston on that same afternoon. That's too bad for the many alums, including me and my entire family, who will be out at Northwestern that day. Maybe another big event on anothyer date in a place like Yankee Stadium would fit the bill.

Regarding the Crawley matter, I wish someone with some inside knowledge would post some insight as to why this situation has deteriorated so badly - how a coach who at least on paper at the time of her hire , looked to be an ideal candidate, instead was at the helm while the bottom fell out of a terrific program. I agree that Tiffany Ruffin's comments were very telling. Her silence and refusal to go near that topic is very revealing. In my opinion, women's hoops at BC has the potential to be very good, and I think the next hire will be crucial to restoring the program to its former impressive place.

NEDofSavinHill said...

Almost the entire sex abuse scandal was gays abusing adolescent boys( see William Donohue of the Catholic action League). Where is the concern for stopping sex abuse of minors in academia or politics, Gerry Studs, Bernie Fine and Sandusky were left unmolested becuse of a press coverup.Hiding abuse by the Clergy or by Academia should both br condemned

Unknown said...

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