Sunday, April 08, 2012

Hockey Parade and other links

BC will host the the National Champions Tuesday with a parade and rally. The parade will start at 5:30 and circle around parts of campus. The celebration will wind its way to O'Neill Plaza for a rally at 6 PM. All those in the area should come out to celebrate and thank the guys for a job well done.

Spaz received a commitment from Minnesota LB Jack Cottrell.

The offers are piling up for BC target Maurice Hurst Jr.

The BC baseball team struggled all weekend against Virginia Tech.


nomisto said...

Video on Cottrell. Solid.

NEDofSavinHill said...

The future could be very bright for Hockey East. With the addition of ND the interest level nationally will be significant. H.E. has proven over the last 5 years it is the top conference and it is only getting stronger. I would assume CBS and NBC would want to televise the regular season and playoffs. 2. The NCAA has done enormous harm to college hockey by allowing ESPN to broadcast the championships. ESPN minimizes the coverage and assigns as broadcasters an expert on the NHL with little knowledge of college hockey and a proven liar (ask Kurt Schilling) who does mostly baseball. NESN's coverage was far better than ESPN. 3. ND chose to join H.E over an offer from the Big 10. This step would seem to preclude ND from ever joining the Big 10 in any sports. With the Big East changes how long will ND last there? 4. The time seems to be ripe for ND to start their own conference and rescue college sports. If ND, Navy, Army,Air Force and BC were the nucleus you would have the foundation of a great league. The new group could invite variou ACC teams e. g. FSU, MIAMI,GT, Clemson UVA, VT and Maryland. The present below market tv contract the ACC has with ESPN could be ditched. Instead of being paid 1 billion less than the Big 10 and PAC 12 you may achieve parity. Even if the exiting ACC teams got stuck with a 20 mil exit fee they would recoup that quickly. It would be a homerun.

Tim said...

I doubt ND's addition to HEA will cultivate any additional national interest in HEA. No one really cares about ND hockey. Yes, they have a shiny new rink but ask the average ND fan how the hockey team is doing, and they'll have no clue.

ND's addition to HEA destroys a great regional conference. Maybe next we can add Alaska-Fairbanks?

Knucklehead said...

NBC sports, formerly Versus, is now the "home of notre dame hockey" similar to NBC being the "home of notre dame football."

Meaning, Notre Dame hockey games will now shown on NBC Sports.

This definitely increases the visibility of Notre Dame hockey and indirectly Hockey East.

Now Boston College has to contend with biased broadcasts from NESN(Tom Caron BU grad) and NBC Sports whose announcers will undoubtedly be banging the drum of how Notre Dame makes Hockey East complete.

Despite this, as long as the coaching staff stays intact Boston College will continue on its current trajectory.

EL MIZ said...

Ned -- Wouldn't it be easier for ND to join the ACC, then to form its own conference and have a bunch of ACC schools pay an exit fee to essentially disband the league? i also don't see the value add of the academies -- the prestige is cool but they just don't have the eyeballs on TV.

I agree with you though, ND would bring needed cachet to the negotiating table with the Networks. the current ACC TV deal is a true embarrassment and should be renegotiated ASAP, w/ or w/o ND. wasn't the entire point of leaving the Big East more money? if so, let's cash in and maximize instead of taking a below-market deal.

RE: nd to the hockey east -- anything that makes it easier for me to watch BC hockey. i don't get NESN and would love to catch more games if they were on. i thoroughly enjoyed watching the frozen 4; its a shame such a strong program can't be seen by a large # of BC fans outside of New England.

also great news on the commit. the LB depth of this team is really strong. given our lack of talent on the defensive line, i hope we consider going to a 3-4, not only to maximize getting the best players on the field but just to make sense of the roster dynamics: only 4 DTs on the roster isn't that bad if the base is a 3-4. not to mention the best guys on D are all LBs (KPL, Duggan, DeVito). we have a lot of depth there from last year (nick clancy, andre lawrence, plus 2 redshirts from last year -- wucjiak and lifka) and from recruiting (wolford looks legit, daniels should be good if he qualifies academically, plus strizak and joy).

add it all up, and we have 4 DTs and 11 LBs, with another LB committed for 2013. why aren't we playing a 3-4?