Friday, May 18, 2012

BC makes change with Women's Lax

Laxpower reported that BC has fired Women's Lacrosse coach Bowen Holden. I know very little about Women's Lacrosse so I cannot judge much about Holden's skills or coaching. Although she had a winning record, the team struggled in ACC play.

Like other BC coaching mistakes, Holden was very young and had no prior head coaching experience. I know BC doesn't have big athletic budgets, but there is no reason we cannot find more experienced candidates for our openings. The idea to catch the next great coach before anyone else involves a lot of risk. BC shouldn't have to take that risk. We can bring great coaches to BC.


JBQ said...

Lacrosse is a new women's sport. There aren't that many qualified women coaches in the sport period. This is Title IX at its best. Instead of common sense and forcing women's sports based on the number of women who wish to participate, the NCAA took the easy road of equal numbers for men and women. Football has large numbers so the numbers have to equate from sometimes bizarre choices.

Smitty said...

Bring back men's lax! Notre Dame and Loyola (two other catholic schools) in the final four!!!!

Laxdad said...

Not true. Women's lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the US. Also, there are many qualified coaches available. I am quite familiar with the sport and the previous post is simply off target. BC waited too long before hiring the current coach who btw is one of the top coaches in the nation. Good luck this season!