Monday, May 07, 2012

Checking in on Mass prospects

With the commitment of Mackay Lowrie and the Massachusetts High School FCA Combine over the weekend, I thought it might be a good time to check BC's status with the top players in Massachusetts. Spaz has found it increasingly difficult to keep the best local players in state. If he is going to turn things around, it will be with a foundation of Massachusetts talent. Rivals gave the following members of the 2013 recruiting class ratings and rankings.

1. Maurice Hurst Jr. He's at a BC friendly program and in a position of need. Yet he barely mentioned BC in the ESPN article. He's got offers from everyone. BC will have to really start selling to get among his finalists.

2. John Montelus. Already committed to Notre Dame. Maybe if Brian Kelly has a terrible season and Notre Dame makes another coaching change, we can poach him. For now I would assume he's solidly Irish.

3. Tevin Montgomery. Another DT from a local private school. The elite programs have not offered yet so I think BC has a real chance. Hopefully BC can close him before he attracts attention from other schools.

This list is short. I imagine that as Rivals ranks more Mass players BC will be on their lists. Keep track of where Rivals ranks Lowrie. The unheralded ISL prospect may get a boost now that he's headed to BC.


eagleboston said...

Anyone else hearing rumors that the Big 12 is planning to raid the ACC, including Clemson and Florida State?

Matt said...

I have heard the rumors, but there is a pretty hefty buyout and the ACC is becoming an increasingly stronger conference with the new realignment so I do not see it happening.

Relating to the post, I think the chances of us getting any of the top prospects are slim to none while Spaz is the head coach. Recruits understand the situation, just look at our results.

Big Jack Krack said...

I'd love to see us land Tevin Montgomery for this critical need on our team - not sure if we have a shot at Hurst.

I seem to remember that Tevin and John Montelus (and maybe Maurice Hurst)had discussed playing together in college.

While playing at home could have some negatives, it would really give players a chance to put Boston College back on the map together. The local angle is always good, I think - and we have some very good locals now.

Tim said...

"If he is going to turn things around, it will be with a foundation of Massachusetts talent."

I doubt it. Massachusetts is not exactly a hotbed of football talent.

Our best players in recent years have come from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, New Jersey, Florida... basically anywhere but Massachusetts.

Big Jack Krack said...

I know Tim - but sometimes I wish the best players from Massachusetts would just stay home instead of choosing ND, Ohio State, Penn State, etc.

The State always produces some good and great players - and I'd like BC to bring some of them on board each year.

Local talent to augment our more national roster might help foster more local interest.