Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Defilippo cancels interview with Eagle Action

For better or worse, Eagle Action has been the largest and longest-serving independent BC-focused media outlet. They've produced some great work and some equally appalling apologia over the years. Rarely have their editors or lead writers been at the forefront of BC criticism. If anything some of their writers over the years have been considered mouthpieces for certain BC coaches and personalities. That is why Gene Defilippo's decision to cancel his interview with Eagle Action is so surprising.

The interview was scheduled for last Friday with Eagle Action Founder and Publisher Mike Rutstein. Rutstein announced this today:

“Several of you had asked about my annual interview with Gene DeFilippo, which was scheduled for last Friday and which I had hoped to start posting here this week.

Unfortunately, Gene had to cancel our meeting on Friday. In talking to him today about rescheduling, it became clear that he didn't consider this to be a good time for us to sit down. I had sent him a preview of my questions and he seemed disappointed with some of the backward-looking questions about the football program. He held out the possibility of an interview in the fall when Boston College supporters would have the prospect of a new football season ahead of them.

Thanks to those of you who suggested questions for the interview. I hope to follow up in the fall."

If Gene is upset with the tone from an Eagle Action softy, what is he going to do when the Hot Seat talk heats up? Like any leader who has been held a position for 15 years, Gene has made some mistakes. If he doesn't want to address issues from the past, he should at least do it within the confines of an interview. Then he can brush off whatever Rutstein might have asked and steer the question back to his desired talking point. It is media training 101. Cancelling just looks like he has something to hide or no vision for the future.

Unless Spaz pulls a huge turnaround, he is coaching his last season at BC. If Gene wants to lead the process of hiring a new coach, he needs to be out front. He needs to show that he understands where he went wrong and what type of coach BC needs for the future. If he doesn't do that, the BC fans and boosters will just assume that Gene is going to screw up the search again.


AguilaFan said...

You wrote:
"...BC fans and boosters will just assume that Gene is going to screw up the search again...."

Believe the use of the word "assume" is inappropiate. "Know" "shooting fish in a barrel sure" "Death-Taxes-GDF screwing it up" are more appropiate and accurate.

Jeff said...

Fire GDF.

Fire Spaz, or make him "retire."

Lenny Sienko said...

Should we all crowd into the square in front of Alumni Stadium to wait for a decision?

Does anyone see white smoke wafting up from St. Ignatius? Do we have a new AD? A new football HC?

eagle1331 said...

Dear Sweet Baby Jesus, I wish this was an indication that a change was coming in the AD position. Alas, I know in my heart that it is not...

ModA36 said...

A bit off topic but what is up with the license fee for basketball tickets? I just inquired about getting season tix, and while the ticket prices were fine, they wanted 3k for the "license" for the seats. With the poor attendance, what is the point? I would have bought tickets but I am not going to pay that much. I will go to 2 or 3 games, I can walk up and buy the tickets, and get a good seat. I am not going to waste 3k on the corrupt midget. Their loss

John said...

Our AD is cracked.

eagleboston said...

What an absolute tyrant! He does not like the legitimate questions focusing on the past so he cancels the interview? Great leadership skills. Man-up, face the tough questions, and answer them truthfully. That is what true leaders do.

This clown would fit in well with the Politburo

Twombs56 said...

I can't wait to get my football tickets, for half price, on Groupon or some other on-line source. Come on Gene sell some tickets.