Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Other BC voices

As the BC blogosphere and twitterverse have grown, we all seem to be commenting on the same topics. But there are some unique voices out there that might get lost in the noise. Here are some other BC folks who at times are overlooked or not given enough credit. Follow their work for insight, passion and humor.

BCMike: twitter and BC Draft. Mike is a fellow Georgia transplant and has been active on various BC message boards and platforms for years.

Dave Levy: twitter and Heights and Lows. Dave's twitter feed is not exclusively BC sports, but it is media and sports heavy. Heights and Lows takes a more lighthearted approach to BC sports.

The Heights: twitter and tumblr. The Heights Sports section is in the middle of a great run. For the past six or seven years they've been building their depth, improving their reporting and breaking more news.

Greg Joyce: twitter. Greg will edit the Heights Sports section next football season. With the fate of Spaz, Gene and the ACC in play, the Fall will not lack for storylines or news.

Stephen Sikora: twitter. Another Heights Sports staff writer. He live tweets during games.

Austin Tedesco: twitter. Austin closed the school year with a strong Steve Donahue interview.

Prof. Ed Taylor: ETEagle Blog. CSOM Accounting Professor and die hard BC fan.

Eric Hoffses: twitter. As I've said before, I am not a fan of Eagle Action, but I am a fan of Hoffses. He is easily the best guy covering -- not just commentating on -- BC sports.

Soaring to Glory: Blog. Their individual previews of the players are worth the read.

Around the Res: Blog. They are the only ones who can get Gene to answer their questions!

I know I didn't cover everyone. If there is someone or some blog that I overlooked, please add it in the comments section.


Big Jack Krack said...

Ed Taylor disqualifies himself by mixing his political views with his BC sports observations.

SquawkCity said...

The Shrine of the Silva Monkey. Created by two recent BC grads.

blist said...

Agree BJK.

TheShowGoesOnLupeFiasco said...


lbkjj said...

I also am a fan of BCI ( BC Interruption). I have no idea how the name came about.

Chris said...

This guy knows his stuff and constantly breaks news concerning the most successful program on campus.

Andrew said...

Adam rose is always a good source

AJM said...

i started a blog last month,! check it out!