Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Donahue picks up transfer and other links

The Heights reported that Alex Dragicevich will transfer to BC. Originally from Illinois, Dragicevich played his first two seasons at Notre Dame. He's a 6'7 wing player that can shoot. He'll have to sit out next season and then have two years of eligibility thereafter. I like the addition and think he'll help. My only concern is that it adds to an already crowded graduating class in 2015. The scholarships need to even out eventually or Donahue will have massive rebuilding jobs every four years.

Ryan Quigley signed a free agent deal with the Bears. He will be given the chance to compete for the starting punter position.

BC named Pat Mullane the new Captain of the Hockey team.

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blockparty said...

ATL, I think you need to change the subtitle of your blog.

"A Boston College sports blog capturing the lows of being a BC fan living 1,000 miles from Chestnut Hill."