Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Family recruits not coming to BC and other links

First Chase Rettig's brother committed to LSU. Today Jeff Commissiong's cousin committed to Georgia Tech. Combine that with Bosa's commitment to Ohio State a few weeks back and you see that BC missed out on a few players that should have been ours. These types of recruits have access to what is going on at BC and have a built in affinity to the program. I wonder if these folks with ties to BC are either worried about Spaz's future or the mood around the program.

BC promoted Acacia Walker from assistant to Head Women's Lacrosse Coach. Congrats to her, but I do wonder why we are promoting assistants of coaches we just fired. If the assistance had the solutions wouldn't the head coach have more success.

Heights and Lows posted the first look at the Alumni Stadium renovations.

This might be the best column on the Florida State's unhappiness and who is to blame.


Tim said...

There is no shame in losing recruits to LSU or Ohio State; those are national championship calibre programs with rich histories.

NEDofSavinHill said...

1. All should thank Observer for his generous gift to the hockey program. 2. Doyel from CBS knows little about college football. FSU isn't looking to play in the Big 12 because it's a better conference. They are looking to get a $100 million increse in pay over the next dozen years. FSU would join the Sun Belt or the MAC if the money was there. 3. It would be ironic if the ACC collapsed because of the poor tv deal. That deal made every school an indentured servant of ESPN for the next 15 years. Why be a slave. Patrick Henry's insight "give me liberty or give me death" should apply. 4. FSU struggled in the new ACC because of stiffer competition. VT and BC (under TOB) were very strong teams.If the refs in the ACC had tried to help the best team in 2006 and 2007 as other conferences do. then BC may have been in a title game. Instead they undermined them. BC would have smoked Ohio St. or LSU.(the disparity in QB play by itself would have been the difference)

JBQ said...

There was no doubt that BC was undermined by the referees in 2006 and 2007. Now, BC is undermining itself. Circumstances have reached the pathetic stage. If you judge by the baseball program, you can envision what is happening to football. You then have to ask if what is happening is intentional. BC football is "dying a slow death". Look at the history of other Jesuit football programs that were phased out. Just like in the "Cash Cab", you are either "in or you are out". It can't be both.

Knucklehead said...

Boston College got smoked by Maryland in an ABC 8pm game the week after they were ranked #2 for the first time in school history. It was either 2006 or 2007. That loss ruined the season. It was not the refs that year.

However, the refs are tilted against Boston College in general.

Joseph said...

Interesting comments about ref bias. Are there any facts to back this up, or is it another case of "woe is us, everyone hates us"?
Why would there be a general ref bias against BC? I don't see any sense to it.

chicagofire1871 said...

Like Knucklehead, I'm still living in 2007. We lost to FSU, then to Maryland in back to back weeks. Our Spaz-tastic defense couldn't stop the Terps.

As special as that season was, how sad is it that our best season in decades didn't even end with a championship. Our best season earned us a Champs Sports Bowl victory. Yippee.

Drop baseball. Improve football.

Knucklehead said...

Three case studies in the bias:

2010 Boston College vs. Notre Dame at Chestnut Hill. ABC night game. Watch the first half for the refs specifically and listen to what Sean McDonougha says. Never heard anything like it .

2009 Boston College vs. USC Emerlad Bowl. Shaddy calls thoughout, the BC headphone communication system blew out. USC was allowed to keep their system(against NCAA rules)

2004 Boston College vs. Syracuse at Chestnut Hill. Watch the Syracuse offensive line and running backs. No calls for holding. Several crummy calls against BC.

Watch any Boston College football game done by Jack Childress. The popeyed, tough guy ref.

The ref with glasses and a southern accent also makes alot calls against BC and ignores calls against opponents at key times during games over the years.

BCDoubleEagle said...

You realize that we had several key defensive players (Dunbar and another?) injured for the Maryland game, right?

And that Spaz-tastic defense also delivered the 14-10 win at Lane Stadium that made BC #2 in the land in the first place.

Say what you like about Spaz as a head coach, but he was a very solid coordinator. See:
2007: BC 14, #11 Va. Tech 10
2007: BC 24, #15 Georgia Tech 10
2006: BC 38, #21 Maryland 16
2006: BC 22, #22 Va. Tech 3
2004: BC 36, #10 WVU 17
2003: BC 25, #25 Penn. St. 14
2002: BC 14, #4 Notre Dame 7
2001: BC 20, #16 Georgia 16
... to name a few.