Saturday, June 02, 2012

BC loses out on another local recruit

BC target and Xaverian standout Maurice Hurst Jr. verbally committed to Michigan Saturday. He's just the latest "would've, should've, could've" recruit to slip through BC's fingers. As I've said many times, I don't care about recruiting rankings. I do care about BC's ability to close on recruits who we want. Defensive Line is a position of need and a position where we have groomed guys for the next level. Hurst even favored BC at the start of the process. Yet he'll be playing elsewhere.


dixieagle said...

Quoting Hurst: "It's really great, but I also think it's sad that all of us are from this area and none of us are going to BC."

So do I.

John said...

Here's another one - "Meeting with coach [Brady] Hoke was probably the best part. He's trying to really make things family-oriented. He really cares about all the players as individuals. That was really big for me. It's about the whole package going there."

Why can't we say the exact same thing at BC?

dixieagle said...

That whole article just made me want to scream.

Something is very seriously wrong and Hurst confirmed what I feared: that BC has fallen far and is no longer on the radar for some very good athletes in our own backyard.

Dan said...

We have to acknowledge that we play a part in this self-fulfilling prophecy too. There are now at least a half dozen fan run BC blogs out there that run posts on a daily basis pointing out every possible negative of the program on full blast. Each post is then followed up with more fan comments teeing off on our program's demise. Thinking that recruits don't read these articles and aren't influenced by them is silly.

dixieagle said...

I'm sure there are fan-run blogs for every football program in the country, with plenty of negative comments. However, those programs that are well run, with good coaching, still manage to attract top recruits, or at least promising players in their own backyards.

FakeShalomTfree said...

Fear not, when Spaz and GDF are out next December, maybe our next coach can make a run at him. Signing day isn't until February

eagleboston said...

Spazoo should write a book, "How to Destroy a Solid Program in Less Than 3 Years."

Step 1: Lose all of the recruits in your backyard.

I must admit that I now realize I was greedy a few years ago when I wanted O'Brien gone due to his hitting a ceiling. I would take his 8-win mediocrity, consistent victories over ND and consecutive bowl wins over our current situation in a heartbeat. Heck, even Jags failed in both his attempts to win an ACC Championship, so we really did not gain anything with his hire. Plus, he completely gave up on BC in his second year and totally dropped the ball on recruiting (I guess he knew in his mind he was leaving BC, so why put forth the effort).

We all got greedy thinking BC should be a national contender. Folks, if ND cannot do it, ain't no way BC can do it. I know it is a message many of you cannot accept, but it is the current reality. Plus, we need to win an ACC championship before being a national contender can even enter the conversation. It is deeply frustrating that in 20 years, BC has never won a conference championship. You would hope that at least once in 20 years it could be a reality.

Oh well, I will cheer them on through thick and thin.

dixieagle said...

The frustrating thing is that we have been so very, very close to breaking through: # 2 in the country just a few short years ago.

Those of us who have followed BC for decades had our hopes slowly raised, exulted in the Flutie era, saw us emerge as "O Line U", cheered on Matt Ryan, Kiwi, etc., and are hugely frustrated at the giant steps backward.

The powers that be have forgotten that our motto is "Ever to Excel", and I am damn mad about it.

chicagofire1871 said...

eagleboston, are you forgetting our 2004 Big East conference championship! (share of)

ObserverCollege said...

Recruits read message boards. When you go online and criticize your team in any fashion, you are telling the recruit to choose another school.

It's well-documented that recruiting experts and message board posters have far more influence on where kids choose to sign LOIs than do coaches, teammates, and other ancillary factors.

It's about time you all realized that.