Monday, June 18, 2012

Consensus among experts and other links

In most years opinions on BC vary. While we were predictably above average for ten years, there were always a few experts who went out on a limb to predict a great or terrible year from BC. This year, there is a  consensus -- most think BC will be near the bottom of our division.

Connecticut LB Cory Jasudowich says that BC is his favorite. He still plans on visiting other schools.

HD ranked the best QBs in the ACC. Rettig comes in at 11 which I think is a bit misleading. His stats haven't been great but has shown more upside than some of the guys ranked ahead of him. Let's see how Rettig does once he's actually allowed to air it out.

Did BC make money switching conferences? We will never know officially since BC doesn't have to disclose its numbers like a public university. But you would have to imagine our costs and new revenues would follow a similar track to the other schools. Based on Virginia Tech's growth, BC probably had a small but positive gain.

Herzy is fighting for a starting position with the Giants this year.

Illinois WR Matt Harris is a bit small, but has plenty of speed. BC and Northwestern are both interested.


mod34b said...

Low expectations, bordering on disrespect ...... is exactly what BC football needs. Thanks for the motivation southern-centric media

C'mon fella show them what you got and shock the ACC, esp FsU!

mod34b said...

Phil Steele has BC 4th in division. Not horrible. Somewhat hopeful.

Also, Steele has FSU #1 in country, and 3 other opponents ranked in top 20 (Clemson, Vt, ND). Or, said another way: 8 unranked opponents!

JBQ said...

On which is a blog for Irish Americans, there is an article of today that Notre Dame may join the Big 12. evidently is stating that there will be a proposal from various commissioners for the new title format on June 26. In early July, it will be released what it will be. The Big 12 has a tie in with the SEC. If Notre Dame goes, it states that a number of teams from the ACC will join with them. Currently, ND is part of the Big East except for fb. The Big East will then go down the tubes and probably drag the ACC with it. In reality, that may be the real reason that BC is delaying any changes in a head coach.

Big Jack Krack said...

Well then, Boston College will have to be whatever is left in the East - which is what we are.

This is easy. We are not the PAC, SEC, Big 10, Big 12.

Whether we like it or not, what's left might be the "Big ACC".

Let FSU, Clemson, Miami, GT, VT - whoever - go. There's a big departure fee.

Let's get on with it. We are BC - We are (in) the East.

And every now and then - (wish it were more) we'll knock off one of these teams that thinks it's so great.

Let em eat beans!

Big Jack Krack said...

I am in Knoxville working - this is a whole different deal than what we have.

Of course this is obvious, but I can just imagine this place on gameday.

We are BC - let's concentrate on that. Just like a golfer - who really cares what the other guy is doing?

Go BC - beat Miami.

Big Jack Krack said...

Hello Cory Jasudowich - I think BC is a great fit for you, and we've had some great linebackers here, as you know.

Like the song - "Please come to Boston....." it's your kind of town and your kind of school.

knucklehead said...
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knucklehead said...
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knucklehead said...

Notre Dame is not joining the Big 12.

The Big Ten or ACC is more probable.

Two reasons:1)Notre Dame is joining Hockey East - I believe strongly that Boston College ok'ed this as part of a long term deal to entice Notre Dame into joining the ACC and/or maintaining a football/basketball relationship with Boston College in the event the ACC gets ransacked and we are left with Wake, Duke, and UVA 2) Notre Dame will not join a conference that marginalizes its tradition and chances for success. Oklahoma and Texas etc are as good as Notre Dame on the field and in terms of tradition. Notre Dame needs to be the "big player" in the conference it joins. Notre Dame will be the "big player" in the ACC. Basically, all the oppossing schools in the ACC would try and beat them on the field but the ACC Presidents/ AD's would kiss their ass and treat them like the marquee team. There will be no ass kissing of ND from the President or AD's or Oklahoma, Texas or Kansas(hoops).

NEDofSavinHill said...

If the Big 12 is to get a $200 mil per year tv contract for it's 10 members then a 10 team conference led by ND could easily replicate the Big 12 deal. 2. ND should start their own conference and invite Villanova and 8 ACC programs to join. Ask BC, VT, UVA, MARYLAND, FSU, GT, MIAMI and CLEMSON. Those 8 schools could reduce the exit fee to one Million. 3 The 8 ACC schools would get 10% per school of the conference revenue or $20 mil per year. ND would get 14% or $28 mil per year and Vill would get $12 mil. These payouts would be a substantial upgrade over the awful ESPN deal. 4. Put the conference headquarters in South Bend and name either John Garvey or Condi Rice as Commissioner.