Friday, June 08, 2012

Feldman first national writer to address Spaz-Rogers issue

In his latest mailbag, Bruce Feldman became the first national media member to address the Kevin Rogers issue truthfully. As most BC fans have known from the start, his departure had nothing to do with health issues.

Sources close to the BC program told me Spaziani has had all sorts of trouble with staff chemistry issues. Key assistants Ryan Day and Kevin Rogers bailed to Temple. Spaziani had crossed a personal line with Rogers early last season and the spin that came out of that couldn't solve a fractured staff. Spaziani was a good defensive coach, but hasn't shown he can manage a staff and run a program.
It's been rumored to be a fist fight. A verbal fight. Insubordination. Regardless, it wasn't health and is one of the reasons the season fell apart. Maybe if Spaz had been allowed to hire Brock in the first place, it wouldn't have played out like it did.


EL MIZ said...

taking the BJK "half glass full" approach, i think that staff unity/upgrades is one potentially overlooked area of improvement this year. i really think thats the only chance for getting any better -- spaz as a game manager is comical. to go 500 we need the OL guy from ohio state and martin to seriously turn around the offense.

i heard like many others that spaz and rogers got into a shouting match after the south florida game last year. that "health" stuff was BS from the get go and everyone knew it -- spreading phony rumors like that in college sports is silly since everyone's got an in, a friend of a friend who was on the team or has a friend on the staff, etc. typical gene D misplaying his hand.

MUD said...

True story Elvis. I mean the players have no qualms telling other students what is going on, especially players who aren't getting the playing time they want.
Lying just breeds more lying. The upsetting thing is that we could run a much better program if the leadership started from the top down.
Spaz was a good DC, should have stayed there. Facts are facts, but let's move on.
Let's go BC; kick some butt this year! Win the traditionally easy games, and give the players a chance to win in the tough competitions. Most importantly beat ND.

mmason said...

When I saw the "fight post" it made sense--Spaz is capable of all kinds of non-verbal hostility coupled with bad verbal strategy--swinging at his own staff is sorta what he did in his post-game comments in regards to his players--a hostile & stupid combo there, too. And then I saw the BC gnome post(below) and thought it was a sign from Above that soon Spaz might become a gnomic anachronism, old and in the way--a good door stop, perhaps?

Knucklehead said...

Sounds like you are saying that Spaz did not want Rogers and basically ran him out of town.

If Spaz wanted Brock and was paired up with Rogers instead then who hired Rogers? Gene? All the reports at the time of the hire were saying Spaz made the hire.

What I am getting at is that your comment about Spaz wanting Brock doesn't make sense. 1) Spaz hired Rogers and 2) the relationship between Spaz and Gene is a solid as ever. Based on their personalities I think that the two would be at odds if Gene's guy Rogers was run out of town by Spaz.

I have been saying on here for years that Spaz has the worst attitude of any college head coach that I can remember. It is going to end up costing him his job at some point. I don't think he cares though. Being the head coach and getting the million dollar salary is all gravy for him anyway. He literally "fell into the job." No coach with any experience, talent, or self respect will take the head coaching job at Boston College if Gene is the Athletic Director. He is involved too much

eagleboston said...

Spazoo and DeFlip-lerious.....only those two could take a consistent winner and destroy it in under 4 years.

Lenny Sienko said...

This report presents an opportunity to clean house at BCAA.

Somebody needs to confirm what happened "on the record" , preferably with an eyewitness account.

If there was a fistfight, then Spaz should be dismissed. Striking a subordinate, other than in self-defense, is a firing offense in any employment context-public or private.

Covering up the fistfight, which coverup could only happen at GDF's instigation and/or approval is also grounds for dismissal. In this instance, the "coverup" would be worse than the offense, especially the willful deception about the "health issues".

We need confirmation of what happened in that locker room and both Spaz and GDF would have to be gone-now.

If Fr. Leahy or any of the BOT knew about this and did nothing, then they should also resign.

Big Jack Krack said...

Agreed Lenny

JBQ said...

So, why isn't Father Leahy doing anything? It would appear to be a "stability of the program" issue.