Friday, June 08, 2012

Report: Dunbar earned a Saints Bounty

Former BC Eagle Jo-Lonn Dunbar is the latest player to get caught up in the Saints Bounty story. The good news -- according to Michael Silver -- is that he is unlikely to face league punishment. The alleged $200 cash payment came after the Saints playoff win over the Lions. The play in question also did not injure the opposing player.

Gregg Williams clearly liked Dunbar as he encouraged the Rams to sign him as a free agent. I also don't fault Jo-Lonn and never found him to be a dirty player at BC. Let's hope Silver is right and he does escape punishment.

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Jeff said...

I was really happy for Dunbar when he got to be a part of the Saints superbowl run... unfortunately we now know that also meant being a part of the bounty culture.

I don't really care whether he gets punished or not, I just hope he isn't intentionally trying to injure anybody.