Friday, June 22, 2012

New Hall of Famers and other links

BC announced the newest members of its Hall of Fame. Inductees include Mike Mamula, Marty McInnis, Amy LaCombe, Maria Cicero, Antonio Granger, Casey Schmidt and Lou Tessier. The one bit of controversy was the announcement that Mark Chmura was also included. Some people feel that Chmura's 2000 incident with his babysitter should exclude him from such an honor. At this point I am fine with him being included. He was found not guilty and I think this is more about honoring his achievements while at BC.  Chmura's put the incident behind him, so shouldn't most BC fans?

ESPNBoston posted great feature on former captain and current Director of Ops Peter Frates. As most know, Frates is battling ALS. It is nice to see his story reach a wider audience via ESPN.

This compares the APR trends of all the ACC football and basketball programs. Football improved slightly while basketball fell.

Hockey East invited UConn to join the conference. I find it interesting that we allowed this entry but have opposed UConn as an ACC school. I guess most of the bad blood between the schools was really related to football and basketball.


John said...

I'd like to see us use Pantale the way we once used Chmura.

Larmond, Jr., Swigert, Amidon, Evans et al will be much more open with proper usage of our tight ends.

When we needed a big play, Chmura was close to being a sure thing and it was a great feeling for fans, coaches and players that he could be relied upon to get open and snag the pass.

Pantale was very good at Miami last Thanksgiving - let's build on that.

Congratulations to all inductees.

Go BC.

Big Jack Krack said...

Other receivers may break out - come on Coleman, you can do it.

How about Brian Miller? I know he had a horrific leg/knee injury, but I think it's all healed.

I don't know how the coaches will use him, but Miller could be someone to watch in the future, if not this year.

We have some talent at receiver - let's enjoy ourselves this year!

Go BC - beat Miami.

Big Jack Krack said...

Congrats to all Hall inductees.

Prayers for Peter Frates and family.

Now that Calhoun has been disgraced (he has been a disgrace for years) perhaps things might change with relations between the two schools - who cares at this point? UCONN bball players will be required to attend class. Any good students who came out of that program were entirely self-motivated, as far as I can see.

Chiming in on the idea of using our TEs more, Mark Chmura had Mike Power, Willie Hicks, Mark Kamphaus and young Glenn Foley throwing to him.

With proper game plan management and play calling, I'm sure that Rettig can get the ball to Pantale - thus opening up the field for our wide receivers, and runners turned receivers out of the backfield.