Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Wall pic!

BC Basketball Video Coordinator Dan McDermott tweeted the latest image of the new Alumni Stadium Wall. When we first saw the brick slabs on the back of the truck, I complained about the drab color scheme. Now that some slabs are partially installed, I think the brick color works well. It blends in seamlessly with the interior of the Stadium. Maroon or red might have clashed.

I know many are indifferent towards the renovations, but I think watching the progress over the summer is cool. If you get a chance to take a picture, be sure to forward it along or share via a social network.


Knucklehead said...

It looks like there are 2 or 3 more names/shirts on the upper wall.

Who was added? I know the black running back from the 1940's was added and it looks like "Flynn" was added I am guessing for the Flynn Fund. I think there is a third one that I cannot read.

Galvin said...

Gonzaga Dan!

Unknown said...

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