Monday, June 25, 2012

Pantale talks offense and other links

HD held a Q&A with Chris Pantale. What I found refreshing was Chris's candor. He spoke of the difficulty learning new offenses, his desire to step up and the attrition of his old teammates.
The class you came in with, why did it get so small?
CP: Part of it was the coaching changes. Some guys came in with bad attitudes I guess, thought they should’ve been playing right away. Some of the guys I came in with had a bigger ego and when they didn’t play right away hung their heads a little bit and started to slack off in school. They brought it upon themselves. It wasn’t what BC did to them. It was their own fault for most guys, but some guys left for what they felt was better options. You can’t blame them if they didn’t feel like they didn’t belong there.
The character of Jags's mega-class has been questioned for years. I am surprised that a current player finally spoke out about it.

Ohio running back LeShun Daniels committed to BC. He's a good and much needed addition to this class after the decommitment of Virginia running back Josh Tapscott.

Daniels' offer list is thin but I like what he showed on this tape.

BC High's Jack McDonald committed to UVA. Trey Kilgore verballed to Michigan State.


Big Jack Krack said...

Thanks Atl - as I have been saying, I think Pantale could have a great year and that will free up our entire offense.

Let's go Chris! You have the size and experience to keep those defenses honest. It's your time - along with your fellow Garden-Stater Larmond, Jr.

I like LeShun Daniels and I am glad he chose BC. Welcome to BC, LeShun and I hope you will feel that we're a good fit for you.

Sorry we missed out on McDonald - at one time I was hoping that he and Montelus and Hurst, Jr would come as a package.

Maybe we have a shot at Montgomery.

66 days.

Big Jack Krack said...

It looks as though London down there in Virginia is picking our pockets.

He also landed Sadiq Olanrewaju from CT - this kid could be a great DE or OL.

JBQ said...

I wish that people would leave Jags alone. He has moved on. How about BC movin' on? Charles Dickens wrote about the "best of times and the worst of times". That was the "tale of two Jags". There was no doubt of a jealousy factor in the ranks. You can put the character on the players or you can look at reality that once Jags was gone, his loyal disciples were picked off one at a time. The first five games, really the first three, should tell the fate of the coach. There is a truce until then with many sitting on their hands.