Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Optimism from Football Outsiders and other links

I am a sucker for football analytics and I also really respect CBS's Matt Hinton. So when his ACC preview piece on Football Outsiders listed BC with a .500 record and a 3rd place finish in the division, I was pleasantly surprised. FO is betting on our returning players and the positive trends of the last few games of 2011. I still don't know what to think about the upcoming season, but my love for BC and articles like this have me looking on the bright side.

BC is sending Emmett Cleary and Kaleb Ramsey to Greensboro to represent the school during ACC media days. I think this is actually a great sign for BC and for both players. I expected Cleary to have a break out season last year. He was good, but not all conference. Maybe this year is his chance to shine and get on NFL radars. Ramsey has always had the talent. His health and attitude have been bigger issues. If he is healthy and focused this year, he will be a game changer on D.

Here is more on our newest recruit out of Cincinnati Truman Gutapfel.

Chris Pantale is on the Mackey watch list. The award is given annually to the country's best Tight End.

Beaver Country Day big man Jacquil Taylor is generating local interest. BC has yet to offer, but is following him. posted a Q&A with Bobby Swiggert yesterday. I found his talk about paring down the offense encouraging. We need to work on execution not diversity of plays.

HD put out this offseason filler piece ranking coaching jobs in the ACC. I don't really care where she perceives us. When the job changes we will be very attractive to the right guy for us.


JBQ said...

Kuechly is the key to the season. Can BC overcome his loss? Will KPL be able to pick up the slack? I say no since he is not being moved to middle linebacker. Spaz ran off the d-backs for rules violations which is a carbon copy for the problems with Harris. The excuse was changed for Rogers. He had a health issue. Spaz has to go and until that happens there will always be questions.

Big Jack Krack said...

Let's go Bobby - and Colin and Alex and Spiffy and Donte and Johnathan. And Brian Miller - and Chris.

Let's go Chase and Emmett and Kaleb and all Defensive players.

Let's go BC - move that ball down the field and in turn stuff the opposition's offense.

Unknown said...

I'm not impressed. As a grad from 1991, things never got fixed since we lost Coughlin to the NFL. Other than 1 year where Ryan brought some magic, this team never could bring enough blue chip players and a top notch coach. The school has lived if of Fluite's success and beating ND by Gordon's kick for too long. Face it, how do you recruit kids to BC with a second rate coach and a dinky sized stadium? Good luck Spaz, don't see you doing anything. BC hockey is totally overshadowing the BBall and football programs

EL MIZ said...

not impressed? whatever. i can't stand another subpar season. would be ecstatic to see progress this year. if the D can make up for kuechly's loss and the offense can be just AVERAGE for crying out loud (last 2 years cumulative i am confident we had one of the 10 worst offenses in the entire country and i put the blame partly on talent but mostly on bad coordinators/leadership), i think we will win more than we lose.

mccarron, it will be a long way before football gets back to national prominence. i still think this program has the potential to field a team that finishes in the top 10 and a new coach at some point is going to be a big part of that. but i for one really hope that last year was the bottom; i dont want to watch another subpar season with every break going against us.

mod10aeagle said...

I don't expect BC to be regularly among the top 10. I believe the program and the institution have other laudable priorities that make that extremely difficult to achieve consistently. However, I do expect them to be competent, competitive, even exciting, and to play with confidence and some measure of boldness. They don't have to win 10 every year or contend for the national title. But they should make me proud to be an Eagle. I don't think that's asking too much or incompatible with BC's mission.

ObserverCollege said...

Will Coach Spaziani actually attend the ACC media days gathering for the entire timespan? You know, just like the rest of his 11 peers? And, you know, unlike what he did last year?

If the Head Coach can't see fit to attend the annual gathering because his kid is playing in a youth baseball tournament, it's hard to convince a player to give up a Thursday happy hour at Roggie's to come in and train instead. Just sayin'.