Thursday, July 05, 2012

Pass the Van Nest koolaid and other links

The Globe's feature on 5th year basketball transfer Andrew Van Nest has me fired up. Aside from being a good story, what if this kid can actually play? I know he didn't see the court much at Harvard, but do you trust Tommy Amaker when it comes to managing a roster? The best part of the Van Nest situation is that there is no risk to BC. If he doesn't pan out, he is gone within a year. But who knows, maybe he can give us 10 minutes a game. We need another big body and 6'11 with shooting touch translates into most leagues.

Earlier in the week, the ACC locked in a deal with the Orange Bowl. There is still plenty of conjecture about what it means but there are some strong points in the deal. First the ACC will be able to sell the media rights. That gives us the chance to earn similar dollars to the Big Four conferences. Second, the Orange Bowl will be a New Year's Day game. That's huge as it should help travel and ticket sales. Finally Notre Dame will have an affiliation to the game. One more tie to the Irish is a good thing from a TV standpoint.

Connecticut WR Dave Coggins supposedly verbaled to BC the other day. Rivals says it is not a sure thing yet. BC offered a scholarship to Ohio Dlineman Truman Gutapfel. BC is hoping to get two Florida targets as a packaged deal.

Another Cincinnati-area BC target Evan Jansen committed to Indiana. BC also lost out to California offensive lineman Alex Redmond. Florida LB Nick Internicola seemed like a solid BC target, but he committed to Rutgers earlier this week.

Matt Humphrey is adjusting to his third college team.

Parker Milner has impressed the Bruins at their developmental camp.


Big Jack Krack said...

Initially I was wondering about the Van Nest situation. Now that I have more information, I am really rooting for Andrew - he can play a significant role for BC.

I like this:

“He has a stroke,” said BC sophomore center Dennis Clifford. “He can shoot it from anywhere. I really think he can contribute. Coach [Steve Donahue] gives everyone a shot to play. If he trusts you, no matter who you are, you’ll see the court.”

I hope we can convince some of these football recruits to come to BC.

Do we still have a shot at Montgomery?

JBQ said...

For Rutgers to take a recruit at LB that BC was interested in is a bad sign indeed. Sadly, the program has not yet hit "rock bottom". Musical chairs for the conferences will probably dictate changes or BC will be left in a "sinking dingy".

Big Jack Krack said...

Also, if Andrew has any success at BC, it will be a reflection on Amaker for sure.

If Andrew is playing well against the likes of Andrew Nicholson in drills - that bodes well for BC and Coach Donahue.

EL MIZ said...

a Harvard friend that is "in the know" told me to not expect much from Van Nest. that said, i hope he can give us a few minutes of production off the bench. clifford is the clear cut starter and future of the team, but caudill and van nest are both bigs who bring different strengths. that will be unique, and as ATL has pointed out, this is 0 risk.

Tim Balk said...

Van Nest was not very good at Harvard (didn't! play). If he plays at all for BC that would be a very bad sign. I think we can trust Tommy Amaker to manage minutes. ( He is substantially better at it than Donahue IMO.)