Monday, August 27, 2012

Basketball loses, Soccer loses and other links

The basketball team lost the first game of their Spain tour. This is not surprising since they are playing proteams and a different style. I keep telling myself this trip is about getting better for the real season this winter. Ryan Anderson posted his second blog of the trip. I appreciate how candid he is about the art, the trip and the style of play. You sense an awareness and growing maturity. And it's not just about the trip. He's a college kid who is realizing all that he doesn't know yet. I think we all hit those checkpoints in life...just not on a public stage. He's very likable.

The men's soccer team lost to BU. (Is there ever a time when losing to BU doesn't stink?)

HD doesn't think we will make a bowl. Neither does Stewart Mandel.

Surprisingly, CBS didn't put us at the bottom of their ACC power rankings.

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JBQ said...

The soccer squib states that the #14 ranked Eagles lost to BU in front of 226 fans at the Newton Soccer Complex. I was wondering if this count included the players and entourage.