Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Basketball picks up a win in Spain

The basketball team bounced back from their Monday loss, to defeat Real Canoe Madrid on Tuesday. If you watch the clip above it will reinforce many of the stereotypes you probably have about European basketball. It doesn't look like anyone is playing defense. But I love the way BC moved the ball. There is a crispness and a pace that shows how far the young guys have come. I think when ACC play begins, we will be much improved and finally play at Donahue's desired tempo. I also like that we held them scoreless for more than six minutes. That sort of defensive commitment is key to improvement this year.

Ryan Anderson posted his second blog for BCeagles.com and Dennis Clifford wrote his second blog for the Heights.


EL MIZ said...

really liked what i saw from rahon and hanlan. hanlan looks like a really good athlete - he took it coast to coast one time which was an impressive rebound-handle thru traffic-finish. rahon looks like more of a pure guard but can shoot and both seem to be grasping the offense.

i am worried about our lack of size on the perimeter. heckmann is our only guard over 6'5 (jackson and hanlan are 6'2, rahon is probably 6' and daniels while good is like 5'8).

it was nice to see execution down the stretch even if its against a bunch of Spanish scrubs. really hope this team can finish over 500 this year and be at least a bubble team.

Mike said...

Worth noting...as was mentioned BC ran into the Oregon St bball team in Madrid. Oregon St beat Real Canoe Madrid 89-63 on their trip. We are obviously very young and still developing but they seemed to handle Real quite easily. Just something to consider. I am in full support of this trip and the team (and Donahue) I just hope we are developing as much as we need to so we can be competitive in the ACC sooner rather than later.

TheShowGoesOnLupeFiasco said...

Oregon State won by 16 you mean. SB Nation site got the score wrong.

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