Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Season Prediction Part II: best case scenario

This team should be better than expected. If TOB or Jags were still around, I know we would surprise people, challenge for the division and certainly go bowling. I don't feel that way about Spaz. I don't trust him to have the team ready (look at our past starts) nor do I trust him to lead BC to victory in tight games. Still, the schedule is not overly tough. I think Rettig is due for a break out and I think our Defense will be very good. If Spaz doesn't get in his own way, if we get a few lucky bounces and if a few key guys finally reach their potential, this is how the season could play out.

Best Case Scenario 

Miami. Win. The 'Canes are hurting as much, if not more than we are. We are better than we were last November and they are worse. Plus it is at home. We win comfortably.

Maine. Win. Never in doubt. All the QBs get to play in a BC romp.

at Northwestern. Win. This games makes up for one of Spaz's most frustrating losses from 2011. This time BC is ready for their offense and slows them down most of the game.

Clemson. Win. This is a shocker and catches the college football world by storm. BC steals the game by forcing multiple turnovers. The team enters the top 25.

at Army. Win. BC has some trouble staying focused following the huge upset of Clemson. The game is sloppy, but we hold on for the win.

at Florida State. Loss. Because of the teams' rankings and records, this becomes a prime time national game. FSU proves to be too much and hands BC its first loss of the season.

at Georgia Tech. Loss. Like BC, Georgia Tech comes into the game ranked and one of the surprises of the season. BC has fits with their offense and losses two in a row.

Maryland. Win. The Terps come to town at just the right time. Rettig has a strong day and BC shuts out their offense. This ends BC's skid. BC is now bowl eligible again.

at Wake Forest. Win. Although struggling on the season, Wake Forest still gives us a game. We hold on and get back into the rankings.

Notre Dame. Loss. This is the game that empties out the Spaz bandwagon. We lose an ugly game to the Irish as they run up the score and we look lost.

Virginia Tech. Loss. It is a sloppy, ugly game. Neither team plays well. Virginia Tech makes fewer mistakes and wins. This ends any hope BC had of winning the division.

at NC State. Win. With Gene out of the picture, the pressure to beat TOB not what it was, but Spaz still ends the regular season on a high note.

This leaves BC 8-4 (5-3). Not elite, but certainly better than last year. BC gets invited to the Belk Bowl and loses to Cincinnati. The new AD has seen enough and Spaz is "retired," gets all the money owed to him and some ceremonial role with the school for a few years.


EL MIZ said...

how can a "best case" scenario have a home loss to ND? no way. best case scenario would be Kelly's program imploding and BC winning decidedly, heating up the ND hot seat. i agree that 8 wins is the best case scenario, but i'll take beating the Domers and losing another ACC game.

mod34b said...
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mod34b said...

Best? Hardly

I'd swap the Clemson W for the ND L.

Add in an overdue Win over VT, and the best case is a 9-3 team

Add further that even though we lose to FSU and Clemson they each have unexpected losses, and BC goes to ACCCG, and beats (again) VT

And despite all the trash talk and mocking of GDf, Spaz actually leads us the the Orange Bowl.

To add to it, Spaz gets coach of the year, and say "it is what it is", but it is not wat anyone expected! I am a Winner! spaz decides to go out on top, taking the retirement package. He is viewed by many as the best coach in the last 30 years. Inexplicably, He become a beloved ESPN analyst

Martin - who has created a great O, is the new HC.

Several 4 star recruit decommit from UVA and The U, and come BC -giving BC it's first top 20 recruiting class

Whew! Now that's a best case!

chicagofire1871 said...

Anyone who see's a ND win as preferable to a conference win is living in the past. Sure back in the day when BC was nothing, beating ND was everything. Even in the Big East, when BC had no realistic chance of winning the conference, the ND game became the de facto biggest game on the slate (since we had nothing else to play for). But now that BC has shown that it can compete for a conference title, these non-conference games are nothing more than virtual exhibitions. Sure it counts toward bowl eligibility, but for BC fans it's Orange Bowl or bust. Who really brags about our Champs Sports Bowl win anyway?

Playing ND is fun and beating the Domers is great, but it's not a conference game so it just doesn't mean as much in terms of BC's #1 priority. Winning the ACC and going to the Orange Bowl.

NEDofSavinHill said...

Best case is 10-2. Won't beat ND because of BE officials.Another loss to FSU or NCST. is likely. If Gallick and Martin aren't overhyping the offensethen tis could be a great year. Spaz and his staff could be here for the next decade if the get to 9 or 10 wins this year. 2. Did any one see the Jets pre season game Sunday? The best player on the field was Keuchly. What was the name of the coach that recruited and developed him?

Sarum80 said...

I like Mod34b's thinking! Orange Bowl Bound!! Go Eagles!! Crush the Canes!

Walter said...

Best case scenario and we can't even win our meaningless bowl game? That's just letting cynicism shine through.

Tim said...

Kuechly came from Cincinnati St. Xavier, Tom O'Brien's (and Dana Bible's) alma mater. St. Xavier also produced Alex Albright, Nick Larkin, Pat Ross, and John Richardson. You can thank TOB for opening that pipeline for Spaz.

As for who developed Kuechly, if you saw him play as a true frosh, you'll recall that little development was necessary.

JBQ said...

The "Good Ship Lollipop" has a leak in it. It's time to get out the buckets and bail. The best case scenario may be wishful thinking under the circumstances. I believe that BC will take a drubbin' and once things stabilize, BC will be the better for it. If the "Bad News Bears" could take a lickin' and keep on tickin', then EVER TO EXCEL.

Claver2010 said...


Jags recruited him. He stayed w BC despite the turnover.

Knucklehead said...

That is the worst analysis/opinion I have read.
First, people are not saying that a Notre Dame win is preferable they are saying that it is more likely to happen.

Second, Boston College has proven that it can get to a championship game. They have obviously not proven that they can win it.

Third, the Notre Dame game is very important. They are a national, catholic program. We measure ourselves against them academically and athletically. A win against them means that you have beaten one of the best. You know it.

mod34b said...

Predicting the ATL prediction, which I predict will be a prediction of a 5-7 record (partly due to ATL's burning desire to jettison Spaz!)

Miami. Loss.

Maine. Win. 

at Northwestern. Win. 

Clemson. Loss

at Army. Win. 

at Florida State. Loss. 

at Georgia Tech. Loss. 

Maryland. Win. 

at Wake Forest. Win. 

Notre Dame. Loss. 

Virginia Tech. Loss. 

at NC State. Loss

Bravesbill said...

"Even in the Big East, when BC had no realistic chance of winning the conference, the ND game became the de facto biggest game on the slate (since we had nothing else to play for)."

According to Chicago's logic, since BC has no chance of winning the ACC Championship this year and has nothing else to play for, ND will be the biggest game on BC's schedule this year. Ergo, a win against ND WOULD be preferable to a conference win. Thus, Chicago's snarky, circular argument holds no water this year (and for the foreseeable future as long as Spaz remains).

chicagofire1871 said...

Bravesbill, you are correct that if BC had no chance of going to the Charlotte, then ND would revert to the biggest came on the sched, but since this is the BEST CASE SCENARIO thread, a 5-3 conference record could be (and has been) enough to let us into that game. Thus once again making all non-conference games virtual exhibitions.

Bravesbill said...

Chicago--I'll agree with your explanation to an extent. However, you in no way prefaced your comments by claiming it's in a best case scenario. "But now that BC has shown that it can compete for a conference title, these non-conference games are nothing more than virtual exhibitions." This is hardly coming from a best case scenario view but rather a realistic assessment you have made.

From a realistic standpoint, BC has no shot at the ACCCG, and ND will once again become BC's biggest game of the season.