Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Blauds leaves Globe, Globe to begin covering BC

I didn't intend to post about Mark Blaudschun leaving the Boston Globe. But then he wrote this on his new blog:

The crap that comes out of the websites about Spaz and the Eagles is mind boggling.
First, before I bury Blauds, let me share that both BC and the Globe confirmed to me that the paper/website will assign a new reporter to the BC beat. I encourage anyone with a passion for sports writing, an inkling of talent and the desire to take advantage of all the BC beat and the Boston Globe has to offer to apply. If you bring any talent or passion to the job you will be better than Blauds.

Blauds took over the BC beat in 2007. Prior to that he had been the Globe's national college writer. I don't know all the union politics of a big city paper, but from what I understand when the Globe eliminated the "national" college beat, Blauds was demoted/transferred back to BC. Maybe he was bitter about it. I don't know as I never talked to him about it. But he clearly didn't care much for the job, his readers or respect the team he was covering. Even now on his blog, he is still positioning BC as a second class citizen in college football. BC has its limitations and no team is perfect, but that doesn't mean that they deserved second class coverage nor third-class reporting. Blauds only broke news when it fell in his lap. Most of the time he was pushing out his dated, out of touch opinions on college sports. We all have our biases but his transparent pimping of the Big East partyline and his protection of Spaz was pathetic.

Blauds unwillingness to write in the offseason or embrace new media like his fellow college writers was a waste of a soap box. Despite the changing landscape, writing for the Globe still carries weight. Blauds never appreciated that. He can scoff at the BC websites but collectively we were producing ten times more content than he ever did.

It appears he's now going independent on his own blog. Maybe he'll finally understand how the world has changed. Maybe he'll realize on the web you have to build an audience. Maybe he'll understand that you have to defend your outlandish statements and you don't have editors back in the main office to clean up after you.

He started his blog with an interview with Mike Tranghese and a post defending Spaz. So it doesn't look like he will be changing his stripes.

I can't wait to see who the Globe assigns. Hopefully he or she will appreciate the job and do some interesting things with the opportunity.


Anonymous said...

Any idea how long it will take for him to be replaced? Who will the candidates be?

Knucklehead said...

He wrote third rate articles. He can go fly a kite.

He was pretty good at picking games. The game of the week part of his weekly "column"(not really a column any high school sports editor could do as well) was accurate.

Erik said...

collectively we were producing ten times more content than he ever did.

INDIVIDUALLY you all produced 10x more content. I like Julien Benbow when he covers BC hoops. Don't know if he knows football.

NEDofSavinHill said...

Good riddance. As ATL. points out he was a fraud and a shill for the always mediocre BE and the worst conference commissioner in history Tranghesse( along with Swafford). Maybe he or Ryan will get the BE commissioners post. A 3rd grader could do a better job.

Big Jack Krack said...

Mark Blaudschun is gone - good luck to him.

We Atl bloggers are moving forward.

Go BC - beat Miami.

Laxman said...

He is censoring comments too. I posted comments on both his Tranghese interview and Spaz article and they were removed a couple hours later. Neither was unfair or Contained foul language. Total bush league.

Ted H said...

This says it all froms Blauds blog:
"It is going to take some luck, no injuries, and a break through season by QB Chase Rettig, who has seen five offensive coordinators in his three seasons at BC, with former Kent State head coach Doug Martin the latest."
Five offensive coordinators in three years because Laurel and Hardy are running the show. Even someone with an ounce of intelligence would realize that Spaz and little Napoleon are the reasons for that lack of continuity. Maybe Spaz is bank rolling Blaudy on the blog.

JBO, said...

Censorship is very bush league and the antithesis of the public debate that is the very reason to have interactive blogs. (Something ATL never does! EO never censors either) But really, is it surprising that Blauds remains a complete hack? Hardly.

But Blauds is not alone here. BCI regularly censors comments, particularly comments critical of the content of the named author's analysis or point-of-view.

ps. I loved the note on Blauds' bio where he claims to be very plugged in NCAA football people and an expert on NCAA football. Ha! and he offers to consult with Universities (presumably) for $$$. Who on earth would hire that fool.

JBO, said...


"Chase Rettig, who has seen five offensive coordinators in his three seasons at BC"

isn't it 4? Tranq, Rogers, Brock, Martin???

who is the fifth?

Ted H said...

You may be right. Used to be a huge fan but have lost interest in the program since Spaz took over. It would not surprise me if Blaudy did not research his first blog entry.

BCMike said...
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BCMike said...


Should have been higher in retrospect.

BC Villians

Said it before and I'll say it again....this is likely the best news we've had all off season.

TheFive said...

This is all very humorous. I can understand the poor incentives for beat reporters to want to protect their access.

But what did Blaudshun actually get from his access. BC wasn't going to ban him from the locker room if he actually engaged in critical reporting. Maybe neither Spaz nor Gene would have answered his calls. So what? As to Spaz, what light could he possibly have shed on things beyond the nonsense the "cupboard is bare," "middle schmiddle" BS that he spouted at press conferences. If he shed any light on what was going on behind the scenes, it never made it into Blaudshun's reporting. Designer Gene is nothing more than a fourth-rate politician, and not a single bit of information he provided to Blaudshun ever improved his reporting.

Instead, Blaudshun sucked up to these guys because he wanted to keep his access --- not for reporting reasons, but because he personally got something out of it. Not his readers. Him.

That's why he was a crappy reporter and why just about anybody the Globe hires will do a better job.

Knucklehead said...

I never expected Blaudshun to favor BC or trash BC. What i expected were some stories that gave me insight into the program, the coaches, the players, the coaches philosophies etc and he could have favored them been against them or just reported on them. He did NOT do any of that. His articles were useless, error prone, and provided NO news. I do not think he ever realized that he was writing for NEWSpaper.

mod10aeagle said...

Fitting that his last column for the Globe yesterday was all about the Big East "Conference Staying Positive". Not aware that he was on his way out the door, I said to my coffee mug, "Where the hell does he think Boston is, New Jersey?" Eh. Hard to complain about the Globe not getting him off the BC beat earlier when they still have Shaughnessy on the payroll. That's like bitching about Assad's undersecretary of transportation.

John said...

The first pre-season coaches poll came out today.

The USA TODAY Board of Coaches is made up of 59 head coaches at Bowl Subdivision schools. All are members of the American Football Coaches Association. The board for the 2012 season does not include Frank Spaziani.

Why is that?

eddierock said...

Best way to treat Blauds blog is to ignore it altogether, i.e. don't even visit it. Godd luck to him trying to make money off it if it has no viewers...

Claver2010 said...

Spaz is too busy burning up the phone lines for Ped State players

And pondering his next kneeldown going into the half

Anonymous said...
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jim smith said...

Even someone with an ounce of intelligence would realize that Spaz and little Napoleon are the reasons for that lack of continuity.
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