Friday, August 17, 2012

Gene DeFilippo stepping down

Long-time Boston College Athletic Director is stepping down. Regardless of how you feel about Gene or his recent actions, his total tenure at BC was certainly positive. He ran the Department during some of its most successful times. He loved BC and loved being AD.

John Kane will serve as acting AD. I expect a new, permanent Athletic Director to be named this fall.

There are multiple implications, but for now I will say this is a very good thing. I also thank Gene for his service to BC.


eagle1331 said...

Ding Dong the witch is dead!

Andrew S. said...

wow, I really expected Spaz to be first. Pretty surprising that GDF got out while the getting was (somewhat) good.

I look forward to the new era in BC sports.

knucklehead said...

Who are the replacement options?

Danny Boy said...

How long till Spaz has to step down for "medical reasons?"

Big Jack Krack said...

Congratulations Mr. Gene DeFilippo on making this big decision.

I agree with you and your wife Anne that this is the right time for you to retire. I also agree that "It is [also] the right time for Boston College to have new leadership in the athletics director’s position........"

If I don't see you between now and September 30th, good luck in retirement.

If I never see you again, have a good life.

Are you going back to Sprongfield?

curranac said...

When Gene took over as AD our sports program was a total mess. Remember Dan Henning and the gambling scandal?

Over the last 15 years, he has transformed our athletic department and maintained academic standards.

To me, the best question to ask upon someone's departure is, is he leaving BC a better place than when he arrived? The answer is a resounding yes.

dixieagle said...


While some very good things were accomplished, I am relieved that he realized the time had come to leave. Enjoy your retirement, Gene.

knucklehead said...

I agree from a financial and academic perspective Boston College Athletics is in a more secure position. Thus, Gene was successful in these regards.

Athletically speaking, the program is in the same position as when gene arrived. I am not talking Hockey here, that is run independently. The football program rose and fell. Basketball rose and fell. The womens sports have been good, again Hockey aside(their success is based on the Men's program). Baseball has had the opportunity to rise on account of the ACC but, it has not. The hiring of coaches has been an issue. When it comes to Athletic's Gene hit for Par.

I think Gene left at a good time for him and the University. Historically, he will be viewed as a success.

I would say that Gene is a "shoe in" for the Boston College Hall of Fame however, he already had himself inducted(directly or indirectly).

To Mr. De,
Good luck. Thank you for the service.

Scott said...

I have no idea how BC should go about selecting a new AD, or what qualities/pedigree are required to do the job well. The conventional wisdom of poaching an experienced AD from a peer school doesn't seem to be the norm or necessary.

I was quite surprised to see the new AD at Stanford wise hired away from 1-AA Delaware, which is a very ho-hum school in every regard .... Keep in mind, Stanford has tons of money, weather, and the school has won the Sears All Sports Directors Cup for 19 years straight, and placed more athletes in the OLympics than any three schools combined.

Equally puzzling is the former AD at VCU (which doesn't have football) was recently hired in to a football-first school.

eagle1331 said...

I agree with what Curranac posted - Gene was, overall, a success in my opinion. He did do a lot for the school and the athletic program. I would site the Yawkey Facility and the move to the ACC as his crowning achievements, likely. Unfortunately though, they are overshadowed by his pompous, arrogant attitude of the last 4-5 years, his politician-like behavior, and (recent) bad coaching hire on the football field. I am thankful for all he did positively for the school, but wish this move came 4 years ago before he tarnished his legacy.

To Scott (the poster above this), Delaware is not so much a ho-hum school. Their football program is arguably the best in that division and their AD has brought in some pretty good coaches for that program. They tend to pull aton of transfer players and they are clean academically.