Thursday, August 16, 2012

Good news on Finch and other links

Who needs the Boston papers when BC updates the injury status of its star players. I am glad Finch will be back quickly. Now it will be interesting if and when BC makes a coaching change if the twitter account will continue to break news. (Also check out BC's twitter account for great behind the scenes shots of picture day.)

This is a decent and straight forward preview from Yahoo! and it was also written by a BC guy.

More on Marshalls' BC transfers.

BC didn't wait long to backfill its open scholarship. New Jersey WR Charlie Callinan committed Thursday.

This article on new freshman David Dudeck gives good details on the life during BC's summer sessions.

Former Eagle Craig Smith decided to play in Israel. Interesting that the move wasn't about money. Smith is hoping that getting playing time will open eyes in the NBA.

Another preview video

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