Sunday, August 19, 2012

Good seats still available

BC heard you. While not everyone complained to the school about Gene, enough fans withheld donations and didn't buy tickets for this upcoming year, that BC got the message. Financial support of the program and ticket sales were significant factors in this change. If you did withhold your money (whether through donations or tickets) because of Gene, now is the time to give. Don't wait for the new AD or for someone to fire Spaz. Removing Gene is enough of a message that the Department is changing. BC needs your financial support and our teams need your fan support. Administrators and coaches come and go, but the players remain BC students and future Boston College alumni. Respect them. Support them. And even if Spaz leads us through another lousy season, you know hope is just around the corner. 

BC deserves your money because they just gave you want you've wanted. Supporting BC this fall won't be an endorsement of Spaz. He's done. It would be support of the school's recent actions and its new direction.


eagle1331 said...

I gave $18 yesterday with the note "When you complete cleaning house by firing Spaz $63 will follow. I like to keep things BC in every regard..

Knucklehead said...

Rim shot.

Segalro said...

Thank you for pointing this out. I donated to the BC Fund earlier this year in lieu of the Flynn Fund, but I just made an additional donation for this exact reason.

We voted for this by withholding money and now I'm approving it by making a donation.