Sunday, August 19, 2012

These guys are not getting the job

Regular comments poster mod34b asked what I thought of Ed McLaughlin, Jim Paquette and Ken Kavanaugh. Since their names keep popping up on blogs and message boards, I thought I would put their candidacies to rest. All three are supposedly good guys and may be the AD at BC one day, but none are getting the job now.

Ed McLaughlin just got hired by VCU. I don't think BC is going to steal him away after just a few months. I also think his lack of experience dealing with major media or a football program hurts. Although it shouldn't be a factor, I think age will play a role too. Ed is only 39. I think BC will want someone a little more accomplished or experienced with the movers and shakers of college sports media. As I said, Ed could very well be running BC's Athletic Department one day. It won't be this school year though.

Jim Paquette could probably transition to the role with ease. He was one of Gene's right-hand men for years. He knows the coaches, the support staff and most of the big donors. Those attributes are his problems too. BC made the change so they could move on from Gene and rebuild some relationships. That sentiment would come off pretty hollow if BC replaced Gene with one of his key guys.

Ken Kavanaugh is a BC grad and the current Athletic Director at Florida Gulf Coast University. If I just wrote "Kevin Kavanugh is a BU grad and the current Athletic Director at Florida Gulf Coast University" would he even be mentioned? I obviously root for any fellow Eagles, but there is nothing other than his BC affiliation and relationship with Jerry York that makes Kavanaugh a likely candidate. It looks like he is doing good things in leading FGCU to Division I, but BC needs an AD with more football and/or media marketing  experience.


mod34b said...

Thanks for the thoughtful reply.

I think you are probxbly right, but let's not forget the arch conservative nature of BC's leaders. Safe trumps splash.
Loyalty trumps career building.

Safest choice is Paquette. If he can show powers that be that he is not GDF II, I think he has a shot. But I would be underwhelmed with a 14 year GDF underling.

I also wonder if the need for diversity in BC mgt may become an important factor.

Lally said...

What about the rumor Shawn Halloran is interviewing this week?

ATL_eagle said...

I am pretty sure the Halloran thing is just a joke. If it is not we have a bigger problem.

mod34b said...

Here is another candidate: Jim Fiore, AD at Stony Brrok.

See this link

Fiore, a Hofstra grad, is very well regarded and was a runner up for the recent UMinn AD job (which went to the VCU AD, who was replaced by Niagra Ad and BC guy Ed McG). He has IVY league experience, but has one shocker: degree from GDF's alma mater.

ATL_eagle said...

If we go with a current AD, I would be surprised if it is from a non-football school. I have a feeling BC wants someone outside of the college AD world.

mod34b said...

BC would do wel to go outside to normal pool of candidates.

ND did this by hiring practicing lawyer Jack Swarbrick.

(and yes, I can think of a former BC football captain who is a successful atty)

Knucklehead said...

Tom Condon

mod34b said...

Nope, but he sounds like someone who should be part of a search committee.