Saturday, August 18, 2012

If BC promotes internally they should look at these two

Although I want BC to look beyond the familiar names, I fear the school's leaders will want someone they know and who can take over the role quickly. If the school heads in that direction, I don't want any current Athletic Department officials. My bias may be unfair, but are any of Gene's lieutenants really capable of changing the culture, rebuilding bridges and bringing new ideas and approaches? But there are two current BC employees who could change our Athletic Department in a positive way.

Warren Zola
Currently the Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs in the Carroll School, Zola worked in the Athletic Departmet in the 1990s. In his current role he has been advising BC student athletes on their professional options and life after sports. Zola also consults other Athletic Departments and is a frequent speaker and writer on sports topics. What I like about Zola is that he's got one foot in the NCAA world, but also has the education and experience beyond the playing field. Zola understand's media and could be a driving force in improving our coverage and making sure the ACC keeps up with other major conferences media revenues.

Lou Imbriano
The trend in college athletic leadership is to hire marketing guys from the business world, instead of just promoting long-time administrators. Fortunately for BC, current marketing professor Lou Imbriano was the Patriots Chief Marketing Officer during their Super Bowl runs and also helped build the marketing department at WEEI in the 1990s. BC needs to boost marketing, fix our ticketing system and begin huge infrastructure projects. Lou's time with the Pats building Gillette Stadium would be especially relevant.

I don't think either guy will get serious traction, but both embody the type of thinking we need.


chicagofire1871 said...

Love the idea of Lou Imbriano. He'd be a fantastic pick in my opinion.

I also don't think hiring one of Gene's guys is necessarily dooming us to the same results. Look at Detroit Lions current GM Martin Mayhew and the fantastic draft picks and contracts he's structured after being promoted once Matt Millen drove that team into the dirt. He was a Millen guy, but has had considerable success despite that prior relationship.

You don't always want to throw the baby out with the bath water.

mod34b said...

ATL, I know you are not high on BC Guys, but what about these three:

1. Ed McLaughlin, AD at VCU (BC grad, was Niagra AD, just hired at VCU, though) see this link
2. Jim Paquette, AD at Loyala MD (Mass native, PC grad, 16 years at BC ath dept.) see this link
3. Ken Kavanaugh , AD at Florida Gulf Coast U (1982 BC grad, career AD) see this link

Imbriano, a true double Eagle, seems I interesting too

eagle1331 said...

I'll go the opposite direction - I cringe at the idea of Imbriano getting this job. I had the chance to get to know him doing an internship for the Pats/Revolution, then was in his first sports marketing class at BC. The man is so pompous and arrogant that I would severely doubt his ability to relate to players and coaches, never mind rebuild bridges with donors and alumni that Gene burnt down. I agree, however, that his background would make him an interesting candidate if it weren't for that. Additionally, I doubt he would want the job, as he runs his own marketing company in addition to being a part time teacher at the school...

eagleboston said...

The soft skills are the most critically important for leadership positions. We need someone who is hard-working, humble, professional, an effective delegator, a great coach, someone who asks a lot of questions and then listens, and is willing to set-up a system and structure of accountability. Pompous, egotistical tyrants need not apply.