Wednesday, August 29, 2012

SI hits the nail on the head

This picture is going to get a workout this season.

SI posted their season predictions. Most of their analysts expect Spaz to be fired. Mallory Rubin summed it up best:

A two-win season won't cool the nation's warmest butt. Sometimes promoting from within doesn't work. And sometimes it takes four seasons to admit it.


mod34b said...

Gee, more kicking a guy when he is almost certainly heading for retirement. Plus all this SI stuff is pure crap journalism with no original or current insight about BC ( e.g. the very uninteresting point that Montel was "thrown off team" and Kuechky is gone etc)

But for each Spaz bash, we can still find a positive article about BC for those in the Big Jack Krack school of joyful rooting!!. see this link (predicting 3rd in ACC)

3 lemons for ATL

Knucklehead said...
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Knucklehead said...
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Knucklehead said...

Exactly. Hey my name is ATL. I spend three years trashing Gene and Spaz. I contributed to getting them fired. Then I trash them on the way out. Hey why does BC not get enough respect nationally?

How not to personify the Jesuit philosophy of "Men and Women for Others."

Talk about not having original content.

mod34b said...

Knuckle, you way overstate the case.

ATL is a great ambassador for BC.

Sure ATL has something of a tin ear about over criticism of Spaz. But ATL's quirk is nothing compared to the other BC blogs.

Benjamin said...

Knuckle and Mod... really????

ATL_eagle said...

Knucklehead :

I think you are giving me too much credit for getting anyone fired. I am just an alum and a fan with an opinion.

Ryan said...

Knucklhead and Mod: Get the fuck out of my alma mater, you pussies. Gene and Spaz get no mercy.

Knucklehead said...

Ask Michael Felger how much someone with "just an opinion" can effect the masses and affect change ie Josh Beckett trade.

Felger basically got Beckett traded becuase he hammered him on sports radio for months.

I would argue that his audience vs. red sox fans is proportional to your audience vs boston college football fans.

Don't minimize your involvement.

Knucklehead said...

Go fuck yourself.

Ryan said...

Yeah, ATL is totally like Mike Felger. Let's call up Father Leahy and see if that's why Gene retired. Furthermore, how can there by anyone left on the Spaz/Gene bandwagon? How did you actually graduate from BC?

mod34b said...

Ryan must be from BU!

EL MIZ said...

LOL boo freaking hoo for josh becket and for gene D and for spaz too who has coached us into the ground.

if you watched any bc football over the last 2 years i am amazed how you can possibly have any gas left in the tank for spaz. watching this guy "coach" has been absolutely brutal. he's paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in a competitive business (and gene was allegedly in SEVEN figures) where you need to produce or move on. his game plans routinely lack imagination, his coaching "strategy" has objectively cost us numerous games, and recruiting has comically underperformed, to the point where last year we didn't even use all of the schollies that were available. it has been an embarrassing mismanagement that cannot be defended.

my one hope going into this season is that the complete and utter offensive ineptitude of the past three seasons (we have statistically been one of the worst offenses in all of "power conferences" in terms of yards per game or points scored under spaz) has been a result of gene (and spaz to some unknown degree) hiring the wrong offensive coordinators. gary tranquill was an abject disaster, lured out of retirement after a ho-hum career. tranquill was 70 yrs old at the time of hire and had last been a head coach in the 80s! he overlapped at UVA with TOB and Spaz and likely got the job through that connection. BC's offense was so bad and so hard to watch that his 3 and outs could literally be predicted while watching -- here comes a run up the middle, here comes another run up the middle, here comes an incompletion on 3rd and 9. punt.

tranquill's "retirement" led to a long search where Gene assessed everyone personally. that led to kevin rogers, who coached all of ONE GAME before getting into either a shouting match or fist fight with spaz after the USF game last year, depending on who you are listening to. brock then served decently as an interim.

MAYBE doug martin can re-make the offensive strategy (spreading it out like Logan did) and MAYBE bollman can get the offensive line back in order (after two years of getting pushed around and giving rettig not even a one-mississippi before he was being hurried out of the pocket). if both of those things happen and BC can have a competent offense, i still am not sure if i trust spaz to manage the game competently enough to get to 7 wins. that being said, he needs to win at least 7 regular season games (in my opinion) to be considered by whoever is ultimately hired as AD. that is far, FAR from unfair. spare me the sob story knucklehead, if spaz can't do the job he needs to "retire".

EL MIZ said...

and Knucklehead, the allusion to gene and spaz somehow having it hard because ATL is hard on them is literally laugh out loud funny. notre dame, any SEC school, USC -- the list can go on for about 25 to 30 more football schools that have borderline delusional fan bases 10-30x the size of the fan base that follows BC. if you think ATL being objective about the team going from 8-5 to 7-6 to 4-8 is "hard" then i wonder what you'd think of LSU fans wanting les miles gone b/c he couldn't beat saban in the nat'l championship. if spaz was at an SEC school i shudder to think about how the blogger and anonymous commenters would have reacted to some of the coaching manuevers and general direction of the program in the past few seasons. laughable.

Bravesbill said...

Mod and Knucklehead have become parodies of themselves. I'm more than convinced they are the same person: likely a Spaz family member or the great Spaz himself. If you think anyone who criticizes Spaz or GDF for running the football program in the ground is unfair, you've got a lot of problems and have consumed the Kool-Aid. They're starting to sound like the pantswetters on MSNBC defending the holier than thou savior of all mankind Obama.

knucklehead said...

You people are clowns.

I have posting on here for years saying get rid of them.

The point is that they are gone.

Let them go.

You all are infatuated with the two of them. You Weirdos.

Is it laughable when Blauds.(who sucks by the way) loses his job and talks about how brutal the blogs are. He was the mouth piece of your infatuation. There is absolutely a tie between these blogs, the drum beat for Spaz and Gene being fired and Gene "re-signing"(i know for a fact the was forced out though)

When you call for a boycott of donations to the sports program it has an effect.

AGAIN. Since you people are obviously obtuse . . .

I want Spaz gone and I wanted Gene gone.

Continuing to hammer/regurgitate stories about Gene when he is gone is pointless. It only hurts your "alma mater."

Freaking tools.

You obviously do not read the comments here enough to know your posterior from your face.

knucklehead said...

Gene retired. Still laughing my Boston Irish ass-off at that.

Gene had health problems just like the women's hockey coach he hired and fired,Kathly Inglese and the bozo offensive coordinator that Spaz couldn't get along with. See a trend Ryan.

I will explain it for you . . .He uses health reasons for most every firing he made. he used health reasons to describe his own firing/resignation.

Ryan said...

I'm still confused where this post mentioned GDF or kicking when he's done (which he still deserves FYI). Solid straw man though.

Thanks for your input though, I've read this blog for the last 5-6 years and am constantly in awe of how dumb you are.

knucklehead said...

Ryan. I don't know what rock you crawled out from under. The picture and commentary surrounding it are what refer to the Gene/Spaz experiment/debacal(Good band name: The Spaz Experiment).

When I look at the picture that was posted I see a man with his head in his hands(Gene). This makes him look defeated and SOL(Shit Out of Luck). The other man in the picture(Spaz) looks defiant and self righteous because his arms are crossed in front of him and he is not paying attention to the person next to him. The body language in the photo creates a negative/defeated feeling.

Over the past few years this piture has been posted in accordance with negative messages and thoughts about the two people in the photo and football program in general.

In this particular post it mentions that the photo will be used as fodder for those who want to get Spaz out of town. Another negative statement.

Directly or indirectly, the photo trashes Gene because he appears in it under negative circumstances.

I should change my screen name to "Stating the Obvious" or "Read my post twice because you missed the point" just for you Ryan on account of the fact that you are ignorant.

Bravesbill said...

Knucklehead--Your posts are schizophrenic at best. However, the reason why Gene's name keeps popping up is because he created this football mess. He was the one who ultimately hired a lackey in Spaz. Fans will endure all of the negative effects of his mismanagement throughout the entire season. Just because he has "retired" doesn't mean he should be off limits.