Saturday, August 04, 2012

Spaz Uncut

Every year at the ACC Media Days, plops down a camera at each coach's table and hits record. It's barely edited. What I appreciate about the clips are how the coaches come off in their most natural state. Usually by the time they get to the table interviews they are tired of talking and repeating the same cliches. There are fewer cameras and plenty of tape recorders around but the interactions are much more casual. He's still "on" but for a guy like Spaz you get a better feel for what he can be like in private. Here are the two videos. In the first he mainly discusses Penn State. While Spaz doesn't really say much about Paterno or the NCAA decisions, I am glad he always says the focus should be on the victims.

In this second clip, he's asked about Penn State again, but mostly he talks about improving on last year. Of course he takes a short shot at the bloggers and the twitterers and people on the internet. It's similar to the quip Blauds made this week. This just reinforces what I've told people before: all of these coaches have thin skin and definitely follow what is being said and written. (The only exception to this is Al Skinner, who really didn't follow it.)

Overall Spaz comes across perfectly fine here. He's not embarrassing. He's not exciting. He's Spaz. What else should we expect at this point?

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