Friday, August 03, 2012

Miami Game point spread and other links

The major sports books released the point spreads for the opening weekend of college football. Miami is currently listed as a 1.5 favorite over BC. I know I've started sipping on the Kool-Aid, but I like BC with the points. We're at home and Miami is rebuilding too.

Another BC target, Orlando WR Jeff Badet committed to USF.

Oprah visited BC (check out the pic of her with Father Leahy). She was there to visit students from her South African Academy. The students are at BC this summer as part of a program to acclimate themselves to U. S. colleges.

BC posted a Q&A with Chase Rettig. Everything he says is encouraging, but I love that Matt Ryan reminded him to just have fun. Fun is one thing that's been lacking from BC football for three years.

This is HD's preview of our summer camp.

The Globe wrote the rare, rare story on a new BC golfer.

Herzy's second year and push to grow his role is one of the big storylines coming out of Giants camp.


William said...

When has a Spaz team started out even ok? Stay away game forme.


eagleboston said...

All of the BC players are saying positive things about the new offense. You can read between the lines to see that they really like the up-tempo flow and the fact that they will no longer be telegraphing plays to the defense as with the last 3 seasons. Now if they can just get a couple more playmakers to emerge, this could be the offense we have missed since Ryan.

Big Jack Krack said...

I have been there for the Eagles through thick and thin for many years and I'll be there again this year.

This is not a stay away game for me.

Go BC - beat Miami.

blist said...

That line is insulting. Miami looked like crap at the end of last year.
Even with Spaz The DeMotivator at the helm, BC kids will step up.

William said...

Sorry stay away game from a gambling POV, not attendance wise