Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Conte to get Air Conditioning and other links

The new AD will have one less issue to tackle as BC announced they will add air conditioning to Conte Forum in summer 2013. This has been a long-time hot button among BC Hockey fans as the arena's ice never held up under warm temperatures, most famously in the fogged out game against North Dakota. Even with the announcement there are still many other issues related to renovations at Conte to address.

Women's soccer beat Northeastern.  

Soaring to Glory posted their breakdown of BC's defense vs Maine's offense

Here is more on BC's target Nick Scott's move from a Massachusetts high school to a Virginia power. 


Big Jack Krack said...

Great news about Conte. Also, please upgrade the PA system at Alumni - it is subpar.

Lenny Sienko said...

Great news about Conte, indeed!!


There has been a major development in BC sports info available on line:

You can view newly digitized issues of student publications including 93 editions of the Boston College yearbook, Sub Turri, and back issues of the student newspaper, the Heights, dating to 1919.

The Heights has been scanned and OCRed so that it is possible to search for a name or date and be taken directly to an article or photo of the image of the actual newspaper. The article can be emailed or downloaded. The text can be used separately. This is going to be great for researching BC sports history.

For alums, try a "vanity search".. Search your name in the Heights. For us old timers, remember the Statute of Limitations has run on most crimes. [grin]


P.S. The "prove You are Not a Robot" system is really bad again. You cannot read the damnable letters as they run together and are deliberately obscure. Its taken me ten attempts to post this.

Lenny Sienko said...

Just in case my link to the Heights database didn't work--copy and paste this url:

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