Friday, September 28, 2012

ICYMI: links from the week

Clemson's biggest playmaker Sammy Watkins will miss Saturday's game with a virus. That has shifted the point spread a bit. Also, it looks like Bobby Swigert will make his season debut.

As you may have read, one of Hockey's top incoming players Frank Vatrano is no longer enrolled at BC. It was not a BC issue, but an NCAA clearing house issue. What's interesting is that he is working to keep his college eligibility even though he is no longer a student.

Controversial Connecticut WR David Coggins is no longer committed to BC. This is probably best for everyone as you never know what the NCAA might say about his future eligibility.

Soaring to Glory's hockey previews continued with their look at Kevin Hayes.

Volleyball beat UVA Thursday.

More evidence that Matt Ryan is a better pro QB than people realize.

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mod34b said...

Nice note about Ryan being an unrecognized elite QB. Too bad the piece is in Grantland -- edited by BC hater Bill Simons. (He's still trashing BC in 2012 ... What a dick)

Also, agree about parting ways with Coggins. I am guessing that BC probably nudged him out..