Friday, September 07, 2012

Rettig's breakout a sign of things to come

Rettig played really well on Saturday. Despite the many still doubting him, I think he's going to have a great season and thrive in the new offense. If we have a winning record it will be on his shoulder.

Too good to be a fluke
Even in today's era of wide-open college offenses, passing for 441 yards still means something. It was better than Matt Ryan's best day as an Eagle. It was just seven yards short of Foley's best at BC. In fact, the only guys ahead of Rettig on the single game chart are Flutie, Foley and Halloran. Miami is not the Miami of old but this was the third best performance against them all-time (behind only Flute and Cade McNown). These types of games don't come easy. I know Chris Crane had a 400 yarder too, but if you look back on his career, that was a turning point. He never approached that level again before getting hurt, but it was a sign that he could finally function in the offense. Even if Rettig just gets to Crane like numbers (which is a pretty low bar), we'll have a winnning season.

This wasn't just the OC changing things
I am President of the Doug Martin Fan Club but this breakout wasn't solely because of his offense. He's not some Mike Leach guy who just takes over and produces ludicrous passing numbers. His quarterbacks only surpassed 400 yards once last year at New Mexico State. In all his time at Kent State not once did one of his QBs pass for 400 yards. We threw because that is what the gameplan called for and because we were behind. But the success of the passing game was due to Rettig.

On other teams the day would have been bigger
I hate to downgrade our own players, but how many future NFL talents was Rettig passing to? How many of the skill guys who played on Saturday will make an All ACC team? Maybe Amidon. Maybe Kimble. But this was not some sort of all-star seven on seven drill. This was Rettig making tough, tight passes to below average ACC talent at the skill positions. And don't forget the drops. We would have had more TDs and probably more yards if even half the drops were caught.

Paying your dues pays off
It is not fool proof, but there is a strong correlation in college football of players maturing into the role after starting more than 20 games. Rettig's been the starter for a season and a half. He's dealt with multiple offenses and coaching issues. Now, I believe, he gets it. He understands how a play develops and he has a much better feel for the pocket.

The throws
The varied throws and the mix of darts and touch passes shows that he can put the ball where it needs to be. That may sound simple and easy, but it is not.

Maine won't tell us much, but I believe once we hit the meat of the schedule, we'll have the best QB in the conference.


mod10aeagle said...

My memory is not what is used to be, but I just don't remember seeing Rettig ever have the time to be comfortable going through his progressions in the pocket prior to the Miami game. Which is why he looked like a completely different guy to me -- no nervous happy feet, no frantic throws in the general direction of a receiver in double-coverage. Even his passes into tight coverage were in places where only his receiver could get to them (or no one). Yes, it's about Rettig maturing, but I think it's impossible to overstate what a difference the O-line play made in his decision-making and mechanics.

mod34b said...

It was a great game for Rettig. Reverse a few drops and keep parsons in bound and we win with Rettig passing for 500 yards. Even Heather Dunce would have appreciated that.

Whatever on might say about Miami's defense, we must acknowledge they are fast. But even despite the speed, Martin devised great routes, the WR ran them and CR delivered with a massive assist from the OL. Great stuff

However, I think things really clicked in last year's Miami game. That added to his confidence this year.

My only nagging concern is Rettig's deep ball. Seems to lack enough energy and thus floats.

eagleboston said...

Chase has been criticized since the day he started but people were forgetting that he started as a freshman and was thrown to the wolves quite early in his career. I saw some bright spots last year and I am convinced that now that he is a junior, he has chance to be one of BC's all-time greats.

He threw for over 400 yards against Miami. This was not Kent State or Duke. Granted it is not the Miami of old, but it is still a decent football team. Chase Rettig had a better passing effort in a single game than Matt Ryan, both of the Hasselbecks, Brian St. Pierre and Paul Peterson!

I firmly believe our QB is destined for greatness.

Knucklehead said...
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Knucklehead said...

He is good. Like alot of QB's he looks great when he has time to throw. I am not convinced nor do I remember Miami blitzing BC at all. This may be on account of the o-line blocking or it may have been the strategy of Miami defense. Dealing with the blitz will definitely effect his production like most QB's.

I would not be surprised to see Maine send alot of people after Rettig. This will disrupt him but it will also give him opportunities to make big plays.

Also, he is listed at 6' 3'' It appears more like 6 or 6' 1''.

I think based on both Miami games that he is a good Quarterback and has more drive than say Foley, Halloran, or Camphouse to become professional. In terms of Boston College Flutie and Foley were the best.

I always compare the Eagles of the 80's with Flutie and 90's under Coughlin to the Boston Celtics of the 80's. Epic teams with a ton of players that I related to. Unspoiled grinders who did their jobs well.