Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Brad Bates

BC could have gone in many directions in hiring a new Athletic Director. They went the safe and sound route in hiring Brad Bates. And given where we are and what lies ahead, I have no problem with the Bates hire. Is he going to change BC in dramatic ways? I don't think so, but his experience and track record leave me to believe that he is competent enough to lead Boston College through some tough decisions and major projects over the next few years.

Bates comes to BC after a decade at Miami of Ohio. Of all the rumored finalists, that alone made him the most qualified. Miami isn't a BCS level program but they have major football, basketball and hockey and have academic standards higher than most of their fellow MAC programs. Bates has hired many coaches over the years (both good and bad) and BC will benefit from that experience.

BC will present new challenges for Bates. He'll have to evaluate football quickly, repair relationships with certain alumni, evaluate our facilities and then lead a major fund raising effort to cover all of BC's current and future athletic needs.

I am optimistic about Bates' future. I also trust in Father Leahy's process. His record of major hires is very good. He decides what he wants in a candidate and the methodically finds the right person. It is not on other's timeline. It is on his and BC's timeline.

I will have more on Bates today and in the coming days. I will also pull back the curtain a bit to let you know how we got here and where all the different speculation came into play.

Welcome Brad and Ever to Excel.


NEDofSavinHill said...

Good luck to Bates. Hope he succeeds. Appears to have an excellent education background.

FakeShalomTfree said...

ATL- Among other things, i'm interested to hear why you said you would were "Not thrilled with the idea of Bates" in your 10/6 blog

Unknown said...

Treadwell as our next head football coach? Seems to have a good track record, but Miami of Ohio is his alma mater - would he come to BC?

ATL_eagle said...


My lukewarm response to Bates on 10/6 was probably not fair and a bit premature. I guess I was hoping for a dynamic game changer. In my mind Corrigan and Bobinski had more upside in taking over BC. Bates represented a more conservative path. With some consideration, I think he'll be fine.

mod34b said...

Given the named choices, I am thinking Bates was the best choice for a few reasons. I do not see him as a "safe chocie" or some kind of compromise. He seems to be an excellent choice and already displayed some good leadership vide (at the presser). He appears to be a very solid, secure guy and will be a good non-limelight seeking AD (I think).

I think Boo was a tough choice. Guy came across as 'young' and not quite his own man yet. Frazier seemed too green too.

Bobinski and Bates have got the experience to be an AD at a big place and know how to deal with all the personalities they will encounter.

What puts Bates over Bobinski is football. Miami of Ohio and the MAC are going to be a fertile grounds for finding a new HC. It might be a current MAC guy, or a former MAC guy (Cincy guy). Bates is going to know all the candidates and have personal relationships with many. That personal touch might add to BC's ability to get the right coach. But even if it is not, Bates will know what to expect out of a football coach.

He also knows Ohio and midwestern football recruiting. Maybe his contacts will enhance BC Ohio recruiting.

Bates also knows Hockey. Not critical, but it helps.

Bates has a strong academic leaning and background. Good selling points for BC.

And finally, his age. At 50-something, this may well be a destination job for Bates. In contrast, Boo was going to be pining for better.

mod34b said...

new depth chart is out.

Clancy is not the MLB. Is he benched or hurt?

Quinn also benched. Hurt? or not?

BCMike said...

I STILL don't get the Boo enfaruation some had. Only thing Army has done is beat us--which means everyone sans the Maine AD is qualified.

EL MIZ said...

how soon until Bates fires Spaz, that's really all i care about at this point. Spaz is such a loser and the fact that he's still in charge makes me angry.

AlbanyEagle said...

Congratulations Brad Bates! Welcome to the BC community! We are very happy to have you. Hopefully you will read this great blog regularly.
More importantly, we hope you will fire Coach Spaz immediately.
In cse you missed it, here is a repeat of my recent post:

"I don't understand what possible (and rational) reason there is to let Spaz stay on even a single day longer. How can it get worse than it is right now? Does anyone believe that keeping Spaz gives us a better chance to beat our remaining opponents than putting Martin as interim HC? Or any better chance of retaining/attracting recruits?

The Army loss is almost a blessing. With all due, genuine respect for the Army squad (who played a tremendous game) there is NO WAY the athletes on our team should have suffered that loss. It's almost as if he's begging to be fired!

I don't care who fires him - - new AD or current acting administration - - except for the sake of expedience. Put the poor guy out of his, and our, misery. He knows he's gone. Why prolong it?
I am sure he's a nice guy, and he served BC well for many years, but as HC he has been in over his head. He has to be suffering, and I can't believe he truly thinks he can turn it around. Ease his pain. Let him go.

I seriously doubt the players will be disappointed with his firing, even if they support him and tried to play hard for him. They know it's got to change.

No one benefits from this lingering lame duck situation. The stench surrounding this program needs to be blown out, the sooner the better."

Mr. Bates, hear our cries! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE save our dying football program!!!