Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Watch the Bates Press Conference

Here is the link. It starts at 1:30 PM ET. I will have my thoughts on the hire after.


mod34b said...

Good Job BC! Congrats to Bates.

Bates is experienced, C-A-L-M and articulte. Knows, Hockey; knows football. Knows infrastructure.

Needs a litle help in the humor department, but he is trying.

Ruby2 said...
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Ruby2 said...

Experience only counts so much when you come from the MAC. He should leave his hockey experience at the door. The less he hangs out with York and Hegarty the better, last I checked York has 4 rings to his 0

blist said...

Ruby2, Miami has had a pretty good program -- but for a spectacular collapse against BU, they would have been national champs a couple of years back. I trust this guy to not be a fool and mess with success.
Hey, 6 wells ago we were hoping GDF would have his and forced at year's end to fire Spaz. Now we got rid of GDF and certainly Spaz is gone too. Good hire!