Monday, October 29, 2012

ESPN/ABC pretends they are not putting BC-ND in primetime and other links

ESPN reserved the right to flex the ACC schedule in a six day window. That means that they won't announce the start times or networks for the November 10th games until this Sunday. BC and Notre Dame will either be a noon game or an 8 PM game. People are speculating that this is a hedge just in case Pitt beats Notre Dame this weekend and knocks Notre Dame out of the Top 10. I predict it will be a evening game regardless of what happens this weekend. Notre Dame has been a very good TV draw this year. Their  games against Oklahoma and Stanford were the highest rated college games of their respective weekends. Even with a loss, there is viewer momentum built into them and Teo's Heisman push. This will be a night game.

Florida DT Kevin Maurice enjoyed his visit this weekend but did not commit.

SI posted their ACC basketball preview. Like me, they don't think we will be the worst team in the conference.

Hockey beat UMass-Lowell on Sunday.

BC moved up in the ACC's Power Rankings.

We know about BC's graduation rate, but I thought Biko Paris's quotes in this article were enlightening and help explain how BC does it.


mod34b said...

Loved the Biko interview on how BC pushed academics. Great.

Well up until the last comment, which seemingly reduces BC to a northeast regional school:

“Getting a degree from Boston College is huge, especially up north, from New York, the Boston area down to Washington D.C., you having a Boston College degree it speaks measures for itself.”


MUD said...

Mod, I don't think this statement looks unfavorably on BC. I mean it's true, and it's not a negative thing to be well thought of in the "north." Where would you want the degree to hold credence? I mean "up north" naming 3 major cities, it also means it transfers to other major cities in the US and abroad.
I've been asked whether BC was a good school by a guy from Kentucky, and "was it hard to get into?"
The guy was braindead, but it didn't offend me. He asked the same thing about Notre Dame.
I mean Biko has the right idea, and got some great advice from his grandma. USC has good academics, but doesn't push them on the athletes. That says something for our alma mater. It makes me proud. Reggie will come back and finish his degree someday.

prisbyal said...

I agree with MUD. I grew up in New Hampshire and my buddy was going to Georgia Tech. A friend from high school asked him, "Oh, is that like New Hampshire Tech?"

No. No, it's not at all like New Hampshire Tech.

mod34b said...

MUD and Pris,

Are you basing BC's reputation on a brain-dead guy from Kentucky and a knucklehead from NH? (p.s. MUD, Major cities would include NY, DC, Philly and Boston)

Aim a little higher.

Outside of the Northeast/DC, BC has a national reputation for excellence among those that matter

NEDofSavinHill said...

Ordinarily ESPN would want ND in primetime for the high ratings. But there may be long range angst about ND's ascendancy. If ND can reach the national title game as an independent it will never join the ACC in all sports. ESPN desperately desires ND completely in the ACC so it can broadcast 10 of their games annually. If ND stays with NBC as prime broadcaster ESPN may be limited to 3 or 4 games per year. If ND gets primetime coverage with BC it enhances their popularity and increases their chances of getting to the BCS championship match.