Thursday, October 18, 2012

Make the most of it: some advice to current BC football players

Spaz suspended Colin Larmond Jr. He gave the pat "violation of team rules" explanation. The prevailing rumor is that Larmond voiced displeasure with his playing time and BC's direction and Spaz sat him. I understand where both are coming from.

The season is falling apart and Spaz rationalizes that he's got to take control. He's probably got a "you're with us or against us" attitude. Every shaky program in every sport does something similar.

I also feel for Larmond. He came back for a 5th year and isn't even playing on a really bad team. BC could use him. He sees friends like Montel Harris and Dominick LeGrande having good seasons elsewhere. He is probably wondering why he came back. Oh and Spaz sucks. Like really sucks. Not many would want to play for him. But Larmond is learning a good life lesson. There are times to take a stand and there are times to suck it up and make the most of a shitty situation. My advice to the current players is to get back on the field and play.

To the Seniors, you need to suck it up because you don't have much football left. Even if you hate football or are burned out, you will one day look back fondly on these times. You'll be with teammates or catch BC on TV and think back to your time. Don't let it be filled with regret. Don't wish that you had played instead of watched the last few games. You have six weeks left. Practice and play as hard as you can. Leave everything out on the field. Don't do it for Spaz. Do it for yourself and all the people who supported you along the way.

To all the players expected to return, you need to practice and play hard because your new coach is watching. We haven't hired anyone yet, but any new coach worth his salt is going to review every piece of data he has to better understand the team. If you are lacking effort now or are not playing through nagging injuries, do you think the new coach and his staff are going to have faith in you? They are going to move on and fill the roster as quickly as they can with "their guys." You'll be even more of an afterthought. The only way to prevent that is to build your reputation now as a hard worker and a coachable guy.

As I've been reminding BC fans, this is not the first time a BC season has fallen apart. The players need to remember that too. This disaster can be personally or professionally rewarding if you just suck it up and play.


TeddyE said...

BC has become a joke. We are 5 years away IF we hire the right coach. Hate to say it, but I'm quickly losing faith in Bates. I thought playing for Bo would mean SOMETHING.

When an alumus, donor and loyal fan could give a shit about the program, what's left? I have given up.

As a friend from nebraska told me recently. "When I was a kid and watched nebraska get destroyed by OU over and over. I asked "why aren't we rooting for them?" Well I am rooting for anyone but BC. And why should I root for BC? People in control are clueless and don't care. Someone talk me off the ledge or get over football, drop it and become xavier or georgetown. Oh wait, hoops isn't much better, but I will admit I have some faith in Donahue. For now.

ToTheHeights said...

"To the Seniors, you need to suck it because"

ATL - might want to edit and include "up". I know what you meant, but don't want players getting further angered by reading it quickly.

ATL_eagle said...

Thanks ToTheHeights. An unintended mistake.

Big Jack Krack said...

I think that we have never had as many players hurt as we have under Frank Spaziani.

Everything is down under this sorry individual.

I can't wait for this guy to be gone.

Go BC.

Big Jack Krack said...

This is worse than the Syracuse fall.

mod10aeagle said...

Big article in today's Globe about Larmond's suspension. Of course, it's devoid of any specifics. It does however contain another Spaz gem. He says that Deuce Finch is working hard in practices, "but you won't see him", meaning Deuce can work all he wants but Spaz ain't putting him on the field.

So, yes, Spaz is a crappy recruiter, preparer, game-day coach, media spokesperson, etc. But let's not forget that where he really stands out is as a master de-motivator. Let's see, that would be like strike eight, right?

Sarum80 said...

@TeddyE - I don't think Bates starts until Monday. Cut the guy a little slack.