Friday, October 19, 2012

Women's Soccer upsets FSU and other links you might have missed this week

Huge win for the Women's Soccer team last night as they beat No. 1 Florida State 3-2 in Newton. It was BC's first win over the Seminoles. Miraculously BC was the first ACC team to score on Florida State this year. The team faces Miami on Sunday.

The brightside to Spaz's poor recruiting? Even if he is fired, we are unlikely to lose any of our recruits since no one wants them according to Rivals. In the same article Pat Forde also calls BC a tough job. I will address that idea at a future date.

Rachid Ibrahim verballed to Pitt, spurning BC and Iowa.

CBS thinks Georgia Tech will win. So does Soaring to Glory.

You can watch the Men's Soccer game with Duke on Youtube.

CFN doesn't think we will win another game this year. CFN also put former Eagle Dominick LeGrande on one of their midseason All America teams.

Field Hockey lost to UConn.

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NEDofSavinHill said...

How many times has one watched a football game and heard the announcer say " they're putting 8 or 9 in the box and taking away the run" ? If Army or GT run 95% of the time shouldn't the opposing D crowd the line and force a team to do what it doesn't want to? The BC D against Army had a 4 man line the entire game. Was that the Terracotta Warrior defense? Have 5 guys play assignment defense but have 3 or 4 others charging into the backfield. BC's D vs. Army looked like death by a thousand cuts. Try something different.