Thursday, November 22, 2012

BC-NC State preview

I finish every book I read. It is a weird habit and I have really had to force myself through some awful books just to get to the end. Part of me always thinks that I will find some redeeming quality in the writing. Most of the time I just ask myself "who ever thought this was a good book and worth publishing?" I feel like this game represents the end of a terrible book. There were a few bright spots during Spaz's run, but I think the question many of us will be asking when it is over is: "who ever thought he would be a good head coach?"

Hot Seat Thermometer
NA. I don't know the exact moment Spaz will be fired, but it will happen. It is just understood at this point. I don't think it will take up much of Bates' energy. Sullivan will work out most of the details with Spaz. I think the assistants will be thanked for their efforts, encouraged to communicate with recruits and told they have a chance with the new coach. When these changes happen assistants react in variety of ways. I hope these guys respect BC and Bates enough to do a decent job recruiting while they look for new jobs.

Overlooked Storyline: Players will say anything 
The players had nothing but good things to say about Spaz to the media this week. No one should read anything into it. Players -- especially at a place like BC -- are always going to say the right things about the coach. Mouthing off doesn't do them any favors. Fans have to watch the coach, but the players have to live and work with the guy. 

Three Simple Keys
1. Drop eight into coverage a lot. Glennon is not going to kill us with his legs. If we give him small windows, he will make mistakes.
2. Challenge them deep. Things have improved somewhat, but NC State's DBs have been beaten deep throughout the year. We can be aggressive downfield.
3. Get a big special teams play. Their punt coverage is not good (and cost them the UNC game). Spiffy should get decent returns.

Gambling notes
-- Spaz is 2-1 vs NC State
-- TOB is 1-4 vs BC
-- Spaz is 3-2 in the state of North Carolina
The current line is BC+14.5

For all the people who say how tough it is to win at BC -- win or lose -- Spaz will have the lowest winning percentage of any BC coach since Ed Chlebek. Even if Spaz wins his mark will only improve to .442. The much-maligned Dan Henning finished with a .458 percentage.

Scoreboard Watching
I am watching all the MAC games. Odds are our new coach is in that league right now.

I hope to see...
No more redshirts burned. There were plenty of guys who could have redshirted this year but didn't. Spaz owes it to the guys who sat to let them be. Given them a chance to earn that extra year with the new coach. Even someone like Shinskie shouldn't play. He could potentially be a valuable back up next fall.

BC is in trouble if...
We don't pick up their blitzes. As I said, the big plays are there for the taking, but we have to keep Rettig upright to get the ball downfield.

Bottom Line
When Gene was around this game had extra motivation for the staff. I don't think anyone gives a shit any more. If Spaz didn't go for the glory last week, why should this week be any different? I think we will see a low scoring ugly game but TOB gets the bragging rights in the last game for the two long-time colleagues.
Final Score: NC State 20, BC 12


Unknown said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Atl, I have tons of respect for everything your write, and appreciate all of your insights throughtout the year. All BC fans are very thankful for you. The only thing I don't understand are your BC biased score projections. Is that a staple of yours? My only wish for next season is that your projections are realistic. I read every column, and then when I read the score, I laugh. I love BC more than anyone, am a total homer, and try to be as optimistic as possible, but if there is any chance you could change that next season it would be great, and give me even more respect for you. Fitting that TOB will be ending Spaz' career as head coach. I'm sure we will either see Spaz at NC State next year, or he will sail off into the sunset, and end his coaching career. CAN'T WAIT for next year, new, enthusiastic blood, that actually gives answers, not cliche comments to the media, someone that recruits, and coaches on the sideline, as opposed to staring like a deer in the headlights, or putting their head in their hands, as we lose another game. Let's go Eagles! Let's go Brad Bates! We can, and will be back soon. BC is a great school, and great place to play college football. Remember when "We goin' to the Ship!" Let's get back there Eagles, let's go!

Unknown said...

After all that, I forgot to post my score prediction...37-17 NC State

JBQ said...

In response to the "Unknown" soldier, the pieces are all there. It is important that the jigsaw puzzle be put together. Brad Bates needs to put on his Santa costume and make sure that Rudolph goes in the right direction. The king will soon be dead and long live the king.

eagle1331 said...

At "Unknown" -

I'll save ATL the response. He used to always pick BC to win every game. As a fan, isn't that what you want... your team to win? ATL goes in to every game, hoping we win no matter what odds are against us. His prediction isn't meant to be something to bet on, just the most likely outcome given his glass is half full approach to looking at the game as a fan of the team. Unfortunately, Spaz has made the glass half empty, and we no longer get the win predictions to boost reader morale (and get him yelled at by commentators)...

Happy Thanksgiving All!!!

ORDEagle said...

Happy Thanksgiving and a big thank you to ATL. I stopped reading the Globe and Herald a couple of years ago because I get better BC information here. It must be tough to put in the effort to keep this blog going year after year (and especially this year)but we all sure do appreciate it. GO EAGLES!

mod34b said...

To paraphrase Gerald R Ford, "My fellow Eagles, our long Eagle Nation nightmare is over." (ok, just about over)

For reasons that remain a mystery, Frank Spaziani, was given a job for which he was not qualified and as to which he had no ability to succeed. To no one's surprise, he failed. It wasn't even close.

How was it even possible that this occurred?

BCballer said...

The long, painful march to the end of the Frank Spaziani reign is almost over! What Gene DeFilippo did to my alma mater is criminal, pure and simple. Happy Thanksgiving to all who read and post here, and a special thanks to Atl who makes this all possible. My compliments!

dixieagle said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all! And special thanks to you, ATL, for all you do to keep us informed. I'm feeling more optimistic than I have in a while, given the impending firing, but I have this little voice that tells me not to get too excited yet...

eagleboston said...

Unknown, someone asked ATL a couple of years ago why he always picks BC and he stated that it is no fun to pick BC to lose. Thus, I was stunned over the past 2 years that ATL has actually picked BC to lose a few games. Spaz has so decimated this program that he even broke the perpetual optimist ATL.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone and thank you ATL for all you do. You have inspired a bunch of BC bloggers but your blog is by far my favorite and the only one I check on a daily basis.

Thankfully, the Spaz era is down to hours rather than years or days. An era of hope will return. But I caution everyone to be patient. It may take a new coach up to 3 years to build back what Spaz destroyed in 4. He clearly needs better players, and that will take time. He also my be facing the destruction of the ACC which could really hamper recruiting. So, have hope but be patient.

John said...

Happy Thanksgiving and goodbye Frank.

You don't deserve GDF's fraudulent gift. But you'll take it.

The joke is on us.

ATL_eagle said...


I used to pick BC every week because I believed it could happen (if things went our way) .

With Spaz I stopped believing.

I will go back to the old way soon.

ATL_eagle said...

Thanks for all the kind words. I am thankful fir all the readers.

eddierock said...

Atl: you are the best.

AA said...

Atl is the Blauds of the South. NCST 37 - BC 2